Jan 12, 2021

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Heavenly Father,

Just as You heard the cry of Your people Israel who suffered for 400 years under Egyptian rule, You have heard us, so we too will see a deliverance from our enemies and all those who have betrayed us in destroying our nation. We are still under the covenant our founding fathers and mothers made with You. Yes, Father there is still a loyal remnant who wants our nation to be under Your rule and to be free from the enslavement of all those who promote socialism and communism and all other forms of captivity. We trust You Father, that during these days when there is no one who really knows what You are going to do, that Your Promises You have spoken through Your prophetic voice in our day will come to pass. We trust You, Father for You are a God of Justice and You hate evil and all that sets Your People in bondage. So this day Father, we say Jesus is Lord and You are our first love and we await the miracle that is about to unfold so that President Trump remains in office for 4 more years and that all those who are corrupt will be brought down. We see that You laugh at Your enemies who say no one can defeat us we are in control we are too powerful. You have said that we will see on throne after another not just fall but be destroyed and with Your Holy Fire will be turned to ashes.

Father in this hour of our unified prayer under the authority of Jesus we bind the strong man and his strongholds across this nation that we loosed from their power of captivity. For whom the Son sets free is free indeed! We take the Sword of Faith and strike at all the altars of the evil ones to be smashed and utterly destroyed. And with our strength in You O Lord we are here to rebuild altars of worship of You across this nation! So again we proclaim we no King but Jesus and we are Your People and we live under Your Commands for our only concern is to live in Harmony with You O Lord and to be in harmony with one another so that we will be shining Light to the world that proclaims You are our God and we serve no other. That this nation will be ruled by Justice and laws based on Your Holy Scriptures! Thank You, Father for raising up in our midst anointed men and women to be our judges, Congressmen and women, Governors, mayors and all those You have anointed to lead us. So now all those who are corrupt, committed treason and betrayed us are arrested and face the just punishment they deserve. We are ready to see it and accept it no matter how long it takes it to be done. Father, we are grateful to be alive in this day and to know that Your loving kindness reaches into each of us and that we walk by Faith and not by sight! That no matter how weak we feel even in the face of our enemy we are strong for we can do all things in Christ Jesus now and forever! AmenQ!

Some special prayer requests:

Mark Taylor’s mother undergoing some health issues.
Gene Ho who is running for Mayor of Myrtle Beach, SC being attacked by his enemies to defeat him!

For all who are suffering health issues, especially any under the attack of Covid-19 For the protection of President Trump and his family all the pressure they are under trying to keep America under God and making us live by law and order!

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