Apr 18, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

Here we are Lord in unity before You seeking Your protective covering from the enemy.  Scramble his radar and cause all of his interference to fall on him and his camp.  Cause the victory You have planned for us to continue to unfold.  We are so grateful for all that You have done for us in this hour. Lord we are here to listen to Your Commands and offer our obedience, as Your Son was obedient even to death, death upon the cross!

Father, on this day we are in the Christian tradition to follow the path that Your Son took in His last Passover feast while here on the earth!  We remember the mystery of His last meal with His chosen twelve, and the expression of His Love in those sacred moments together!  How He shared the bread and the wine and gave us a sacred communion to be one with You!  His sacred words this is My Body and this is My Blood have made us an everlasting covenant that we are a part of even right this moment in our prayer!  Such a sacred Gift all as a sign of Your Love for us.  Now we are a new creation in Him.  All of our value and worth is based on His Sacrifice for us. We are Yours because of Him!  Everything is changed because He is the center of our life and by Faith He lives in us and all we need is given through Him!  We are so grateful and thankful for this wondrous Gift!

Father in the assemblies/churches today as they recall this sacred moment may You pass over our nation and make us new again.  Let us see the unity that Your Son, Yeshuah, spoke to us about on that last night He was with us.  We know His humble way of washing the feet of His apostles is a sign unto us of how we are to approach all those You put in our path and whom You have put in our care to love and cherish!  In a special way today may we see healings break out among Your Army here. Heal all those that we bring to You who are in need of a Healing Touch from Yeshuah!  For when we partake of this Communion given to us we see Life, Love & Light so differently that no one can imagine all that You have in store for us now and into eternity!

Father as our Jewish brothers and sisters remember that first Passover through their celebration starting Friday night may they come to know Yeshuah as Messiah.  May their dreams and longing be fulfilled in Him!  May they surely search the Scriptures and come alive to who Yeshuah really is.  We pray for them Father, because as Your Servant, Paul, has taught us it is because of them in their blindness that we have been brought into the fullness of Yeshuah, and when they see what we see then what Glory will descend upon the earth.  Bless them to know!

Father, again we lift up our President Trump who so beautifully expressed how sacred this time of remembering is.  It is important to us in America and Israel and to all those in all nations that call Jesus Lord!  Bless him and his family, loved ones, friends and all who stand with him in his leadership in America! Continue to bless his efforts to restore America to have Liberty and Justice for all who truly are citizens united to be Americans that serve in God’s Kingdom in our land.  We seek a driving out of all those who hate us or try to destroy our sacred Heritage and traditions to be one nation under You, God!  Let those who are here to change our land into something it was never intended to be be revealed and fall under the Hammer of Justice as it is falling now on our enemies here and abroad!

Father, we seek protection for all those righteous ones you have that are revealing the truth about the CIA, FBI, DOJ and all other parts of the government that are deceiving and lying to us.  May you bless these journalists and reporters of the Truth so that they will be encouraged and see that Justice does prevail now and into our future.  Lord, You have raised them up. There are too many to mention but You know whom you have anointed so through our prayers we cover them with the Precious Blood of Jesus and seek a Hedge of protection for them!

Father, we pray for our nation yes, but also for other nations, like our friends to the north — Canada that they too will have strong leadership and Justice in their land!  We pray for the nations in Europe, especially France and its people who struggle to bring Righteousness to their land.  May the words that You spoke through the Prophet Kim Clement come true about the change You are bringing there!  Let especially the Youth of these nations rise up and yell and sing out YESHUAH!  Lord we know that what You are doing is worldwide!  All power and control is in Your hands and as long as we Your people cry out in repentance and prayer we will see all that You have planned happen.  You will bring down the enemy and all of his evil followers to face the consequences of their choices!

Father, again we bring before you all of the wounded and forgotten men, women and children that have been abused by all of the sexual perversion that pervades our world.  We are here Lord to embrace them and bring them to the knowledge of Your great Love for them!  Let Your Love wash over us now and forever! Amen.

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