Sep 6, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

At Your throne we are here to give You all glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving for the marvelous things You have done for us and are continuing to do in our day now in our personal lives and throughout the land of America!

Father, we ask that You cover us under the shadow of Your Wing so that our enemy is silenced and be made deaf, dumb and blind to what You have placed on our hearts now.  We are here to follow Your Commands for in them is Life and more abundantly that we can imagine,  Through our obedience we will be prepared for all the strikes of the enemy and You will arm us for the battle and reward and bless us in all we do!  Father keep the enemy’s camp in chaos and confusion!  Lord during this time may the enemy’s frequency be jammed and that our lines of communication be open and free from distractions and any interference caused by the enemy or anyone who wants to disrupt or cause harm to what we are doing during this time.  Lord that all here will be of one mind, one heart, united in spirit to be in agreement as we intercede and prepare for the battles You will cause us to win.

Father, first of all we repent of any thoughts, words and actions of disobedience on our part.  Lord as You have taught us in Your Word that disobedience brings a curse and in the curse is suffering in the forms of disease, famine, lack, plagues and other disasters.  Lord we thank You for washing us clean by Your Son’s Blood of all our disobedience of the past and all of the lost opportunities to spread Your Good News of the Kingdom.

Father our land has much disobedience to repent of, but most especially in our churches.  Too often we have compromised with the world under evil influence and we have neglected Your Commands. During this time You are revealing how much we have disobeyed Your 10 commandments, which Your summarized in two: Love You with all within us and  Love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

Father we repent of all the idols we have allowed to be worshiped in America through following our government and giving over our power to them like with the the Supreme Court which gave us abortion on demand through Roe v. Wade and homosexual marriage an abomination in Your Word!  That in our churches we have come under the covenant with Baal through 501c3 that has silenced our pulpits from speaking out on important issues both nationally and locally.  That our churches have not voiced a different approach to life other than the culture of death, the very curse You warned us about if we did not follow Your Commands.

Father, we repent of the idols we worship through the entertainment and media industry.  We have worshiped the feats of man and not recognized that our abilities are from You and not from our own power.  Lord, these men and women have foolishly influenced us to be politically correct and allow sexual perversion and satanic influences be displayed and openly glorified!  Lord, in the authority You have given us through Yeshua, we strike down these strongholds of the enemy.  We say enough of this protesting and resisting of the Truth and the influence of proper authority and anointed men and women who like President Trump are here to lead us into righteousness and law and order.  Bless all our patriotic people like Larry Nichols and others who stand for our Constitution and the proper laws of our land.  Thank You, Father for bringing us to a moment where we turn America around and bringing us back from the brink of destruction that has been brought about by those who want global control in a Satanic way to bring in the Anti-Christ.  Lord we know You have done a great work to stop it in our day and so we here as Your Obedient Army follow Your Orders and we are now prepared to win victory in Your Name!  We praise & thank You in Yeshua’s Name. Amen!

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