Jan 1, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

          We know You are true to Your Word that You have spoken to us! What You say You will do, Your do.   Father we know that You have set aside Your anointed ones to fulfill Your Promise and your Plan and that You have them under the shadow of Your Wing!  That which is destined to be fulfilled will come to pass in our day even in this New Year ahead.  We are to remain faithful in our commitment to pray and act by Faith so that we cover and defend  those You have called to lead us in this time and that they will remain faithful to the anointing You have placed on them and that You have sealed them by the Holy Spirit to fulfill Your Will on earth as it is in heaven.

          Father, in these moments of our prayer cover us with Your anointing and the Shield of Protection so that we will fulfill the Plan s You have for us. We are grateful to be Your anointed Army of Prayer Warriors.  We pray that we will remain faithful to our calling and not stop in fulfilling our role in this war against an enemy who is defeated but continues his fight against righteousness in our land. Lord release Your Heavenly Angels as our shield of protection against the enemy in all his schemes, plots, rumors and scandals and words of discouragement or defeat. Deafen the ears of the enemy and his cohorts. Keep us off the enemy’s radar and any of his attempts to disrupt us in our prayer. Protect us from any technical or physical attempts of disruption and distraction.  That only the truth be revealed at this time without any defilement as we are cleansed by the sacred Blood of Your Son, Yeshua/Jesus our Savior, Lord, King and Messiah!  Keep any reprisal of the enemy far from us so we walk by Faith and no fear or doubt will enter us or be spoken by us.

          Father during these days there will be speculation and psychic attempts to read the future for 2019, but we have heard the prophetic voice of Your true prophets like our brother Mark Taylor.  We stand at the threshold of this year and know that there is still much to be fulfilled that has already been spoken.  Lord that we will not foolishly run in all directions looking for revelation when what You have spoken is still to be walked out during this time.  Lord we know that the systems of corruption are under condemnation and that we are to abandon them and walk away form any false worship of Baal and anything that is defiled by such attachment whether knowingly or unknowingly.  We stand firm in our commitment to follow Your Commands and walk by Faith and not by sight.

          Father, many in these days will make resolutions for change in their lives but Lord the most important resolution is to take on the mind of Christ in all things in our lives and true change is based on heartfelt commitment an willingness to change.  But Lord may we walk by the words that say: we will change the things we can and accept what we cannot change and the Wisdom to know the things but eve better still that I can do all things with Christ Who strengthens me!  Thank Your Father for the Gift of Your Son,Who shows us the way to follow and to give all the Glory to You!

          Father, we are indeed grateful for the anointing You have placed on our President Trump and all those who are his co-workers who are here to lead our land  of America into righteousness.  That we are nation that was formed to be followers of Jesus/Yeshua the Christ! A nation set apart to proclaim the Gospel of Freedom in Christ Jesus our Lord and king before all the nations and to unite and be one with the nation of Israel, Your sacred land and its people!  Father at time times we feel overwhelmed with the duties we have to fulfill this and we feel weak and stumble at times but we know as Your Apostle Paul has taught us it is in weakness we are made strong.  That the anointing of the Holy Spirit on us will be our strength and that when we trust Him, He will give us the words to speak and even when we know not what to pray he will groan within us to express prayers that we will know are from Him!  Praise Your Father for all of this that is unfolding in our time!

          Yes, Father, there are still many issues that we as a nation must face but by the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit they can be faced and remedied. If we will trust You that You are with us and not listen to the foolish who say where is their God?  Or those who report only false news or news of gloom and doom!  Lord we are here to stand for Truth and that we speak it and reveal it to make our land a land of Freedom in Christ Jesus!  When we let righteousness rule we will do that which You have planned for us from the beginning.  We know You hear our cry and our tears and our heartfelt prayers for we make them in Your Son, Yeshua/Jesus Name Amen!



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