Nov 29, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

As Your children we come in repentance for anything that stands in the way of defiling us in serving You!  Forgive us our sins that block our sight from seeing as You see or from giving as You give.  Father we are here because we our disciples of Yeshua Your Son and our Messiah and Lord!  Father keep us under the shadow of Your Wings keeping us safe from the attacks of the enemy and keeping us off his radar.  Keep those who have pledged to serve the enemy in their own camp filled with confusion and chaos.

Father, during this time keep us attentive to Your Word and listen to Your Heart in all that we pursue to serve as Your Army of prayer Warriors. Lord keep open the lines of communication between us.  Let us not be disturbed by any technical difficulty or other distractions that are thrown at us from the enemy.  Let You Holy Angels stand guard and stop all forms of interference from the enemy during this sacred time.  Make us one in the spirit and united in intercession for our land of America, Israel and all nations who are struggling to over throw oppression, tyranny and slavery!

Lord, we seek special blessings on the “underground church” of China.  Give those persecuted believers the full power of Your Word to bring about change in their land.  To change communism into freedom as they hunger for righteousness in all areas of their lives.

Because of their sincere love of You, Father, let us see them be set free and that their government have such a surprising change because of Your Presence in their Land and the Love You have for them.  Give president Trump wisdom in his dealings with this communist leadership to stop all of the lies and cheating that has occurred at America’s expense! We will see victory in China with Your Presence there!

Lord, we seek to be over comers in all things because greater is He that is in us than he that is in thew world. No matter what we face today we know we are renewed in strength for we eat of the Bread of Life, Yeshua, our Savior.  We know we have authority to over come as long as we do not align ourselves with anything that will defile us.  We are here to give You Pure worship and Pure ministry.  We divorce ourselves with any connection with Baal and any governmental interference like the 501c3 and 508 or any other defilement that makes our assemblies/churches into a legal entity.  Our only identity is in Christ Jesus and no one else!  Open the eyes of the pastors or leaders in the assemblies/churches to how they are like sheep being led to the slaughter and leading the flock into Satan’s sheep pens and not truly following the Good Shepherd!  Now is the time that Your Army follow our True General Yeshua and be under the guidance of the Holy Spirit so that we can worship You, Father in spirit and truth!

Lord, we seek the protection of President Trump and all those who are aligned with him to continue on the path of saving America from the hands of those who have betrayed us and done treasonous acts.  Lord let the hammer of Justice fall on all those who must face what they have done and if they do not repent may they be under the consequences of their actions.  May righteousness rule our land!  Lord that our Supreme Court and all judges through out the land be aligned with true Justice and Mercy as You have planned for Your people and any nation that is attuned to Your Word! That Your Will be done on earth as in Heaven!

Father, as we approach these days we in America call Christmas may it be a time of True Light to the world.  As e align with a tradition of giving may it be truly a time of generosity to help the poor and needy and those who are with family or friends.  Lord that we will be ruled by selflessness instead of selfishness and generosity of sharing instead of greed!  Make America great in its sharing its blessings with those You ask us to serve and disciple!

Lord this part of Your Army we call the Strike Force of Prayer be truly over comers as we have seen in the story of Jacob/Israel with his brother Esau.  Israel was generous in his repentance and recompense in his offense to his brother from who he had defrauded his birth right.  But You Lord repaired the breach and established Your Will through Israel to eventually bring us Your Son, Yeshua to free us from all sin and defilement through reconciliation.  A big word Father but it is what we are to do to become unified and as one in our worship of You!  Father thank You for honoring us with duty to spread the Good News of Salvation through Your Son, Yeshua here and throughout the earth.

In Yeshua’s Name, Amen!



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