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We come with repentant hearts filled with thanksgiving and praise for all the miracles You have given us! We humbly ask that You release Your Warrior Angels to protect us in our prayer time with You!  To stop any of the enemy’s tactics to distract us from our prayer.  We seek a hedge of protection around all those gathered here today.  Give us boldness of Faith & perseverance in  Hope and Love for You and for one another in our time of unity to intercede and strike at the enemy’s resources and to stop his attacks & plans of action to kill, steal and destroy!  Take us off the enemy’s radar and keep the enemy unaware of what Your Holy Spirit is doing in us and through us in our battle to take back America and to show the hearts of our youth that You are the most important source of all we have and all You want in return is honor and praise and to serve You as our Lord and Master!

Father, there is so much that we thank You for since we have repented from our old life of sin and now have the wonders of a new life in Christ Jesus  Lord we are grateful that You have delivered us from the old lusts of the flesh and the sinful ways of anger, hate, rebellion and old thoughts of death and destruction.  We thank You for Your Son Jesus/Yeshua who has shown us How much You love us and want us to be a part of Your Family in the Kingdom!

Father, in these moments when we are able to share with our families, friends and neighbors we know it is because of the healing of our minds and hearts that we have received through the shed Blood of Jesus the Christ!  We cannot thank You enough and praise You enough; but when we are lifted up into higher places and see the victories that You lay before us and we can see the spreading of the Kingdom and the doors of heaven opening wide! That in these moments we are getting word of victories and the willingness to open doors so that we can make the Kingdom spread by discipling others and showing men and women seeking Light and Hope in the darkness that Our Love will touch them in this darkness and that they will sense our Love in this dark and dangerous time!

Thank You, Father, for making us free in this land of America!  Thank You that as we pray more of the corruption is being exposed and You are empowering  us to change and drain the swamp of those who have deceived us and placed us under unjust laws, burdens of regulations that have promoted death instead of life.  Thank You for raising up men and women who are willing to sacrifice and lead us in this battle.

We thank You for the anointing You have placed on President Trump and all those around him to move America back to a nation under Your Rule Lord!  Thank You for the anointing on men and women and youth that have a heart like Yours.  Thank You for those who lead us in battle with the guerilla warfare of Your Army of street fighters like Coach Dave Daubenmire and his salt & light brigade, Rusty Thomas, Alveda King, Father Frank Pavone and others who make us aware in the battle!  Thank You for prophets who encourage us like Mark Taylor, Hank & Brenda Kunneman, Chuck Pierce, Johnny Enlow and the past with Kim Clement and so may others!  Thank You for the teachers and Pastors that give us insight in our duties as Your Warriors, like Dan Mohler, Todd White, Dutch Sheets and others that are not afraid to speak your Word and live Your Word!  Thank You for the changes happening in Your Church throughout the world.  Making us aware it is we who are the Church, my brothers and sister on the line with me now!  Thank You for national leaders who put their life on the line to make America what it has been established to be, people like Larry Nichols, Jeff Sessions, Justices Thomas, & Alito Gursch and all others who are anointed for such a time as this!  Lord I thank You for allowing us to be alive and part of this day!  There are so many others whom we are thankful for we place them all in Your Hands as we give You thanksgiving, worship and praise in Jesus’ Name! Amen!

This day I want to especially thank the Holy Spirit for leading us through the Strike Force of Prayer Warriors!  Bless each and everyone of you with Divine Health, Faith, Hope and Love!   Father, thank You  for hearing us and answering all of our intercessory prayers!  We can see Your Miracles all around!  So we say Thank You in Jesus Name! Amen


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