Sep 8, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We place ourselves in Your Hands that during this sacred time together the enemy is unable to hear or know any of our conversation with You!  That the enemy will not know of any of our plans to uproot him from our land of America and that we have complete protection of our lines of communication that nothing interfere technically or in any other way to stop us or block us from this call as Your Army is gathered here! Lord, make us one in spirit and prepare us with the full armor You have given us in this war being waged now.  You have said no weapon formed us against us will proper so we stand on that Word for we know it is true because we are covered by the Blood of Yeshua!

Keep the enemy in confusion and chaos as all of his plans are now exposed and he is a defeated foe.  We come against any stronghold he has built up in our land through the efforts of men and women who have betrayed us and led us on path to self destruction and making this land desecrated by the blood sacrifices of Satan than true worship and hone of You, our Lord and King!  We say in the authority of Yeshua: all strongholds be loosed and brought to destruction now!  May all of the enemy’s forces be brought to the foot of the Cross and face the just punishment they deserve and You O Lord have planned for them!

Lord continue to expose and reveal the truth of the corruption in those who rule over us in the government as well as in  our churches.  From the high office of the Vatican to the cabals of the New World Order and other branches and divisions of this evil force who have wanted control but now because of Your Plan have stopped their plan.  For that we are so grateful Lord!

Lord crush the bloodlines that have ruled and plotted for the control of mankind. May all of these families of crime and evil be brought to Justice.  Family blood lines like the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Merovingian may their evil intent fall on them and be stopped in the Name of Yeshua!  That the financial cabal that has allowed a man like Soros manipulate and destroy the finances of the people now face Justice and hand back to Your people that which is rightfully theirs because they are of your Family bloodline through Faith in Yeshua, Your Son and our Redeemer!

Lord as You hear our prayers open the eyes of the blind and those who are asleep in this hour to become aware of the battle that rages around them for the very life they have been given through You!  Make them so aware of how they have been duped to think that all is well and that there is nothing wrong with these bloodlines and that we are speaking foolishly of a conspiracy to control us and that all of this will just blow away with the wind.  Lord, awaken them to join in the battle that raging around them.

Lord, we strike down the strongholds that rule over us in government, agriculture, media and the culture of death around us. Touch and protect our Youth that they will be raised up to know the Truth that truly frees them and the heritage of Faith that they have been given.  May their voice be raised to stop all that is trying to destroy their generation through abortion, sexual perversion and disorientation and other forms of distortion.  Lord that the youth be returned to their fathers and that the fathers be turn toward their children!

Lord forgive us for ignoring the sacred gift of Your Son’s Body and Blood as He gave to us on the night before He died.  That this source of life will always be a very intimate part of our life with You!  That His sacrifice is the atonement we  have to re-establish us as Your true family in the true Bloodline of Yeshua!  That now we have life now and in abundance!

We give You thanks and praise and glory and honor in Yeshua’s Name Amen!



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