Oct 3, 2018

Listen to the Prayer Audio:

Father of heaven and earth,

Your Presence is all we seek! For in Your Presence we are safe and sound. We are under the protection of Your Wing.  You make us one as You and Yeshua are one.  You keep us separated and protected from the enemy’s radar and we walk in the spirit undetected by his camp.  We are able to walk by the enemy’s camp and see the destruction and chaos in it and that all their plans fall apart and fall on them.  We giveYou thanks and praise Father for Your Loving Presence.  Your Son told us where two or three are gathered in His Name Your Presence is there in our midst, how much more is it here today as Your Army gathers before You on these phone lines and in the spirit even if not on the phone but united in agreement as we pray.  May each of us sense Your Presence in these moments and that the anointing of the Holy Spirit be on us and in us as we worship You in spirit and truth!

Lord as we are in Your presence we bring to You all of our concerns as we battle to spread Your Kingdom on earth, but especially in our land of America and in Your sacred land of Israel.  By Your Presence guide us into the Peace of Jerusalem and strengthen us to journey by Faith so that we are truly the image of Your Son to one another and to all whom You call us to show Your Presence to.

By Your Presence, Lord, we seek special protection for President Trump and his family and all those who help him and work with him to bring about righteousness into our land in fulfillment of what You have planned for us as it has been revealed by your prophets of our day.

We seek that the movie Trump Prophecy be used in such a way that Your Presence is felt by all those in attendance today and on Thursday.  That Your Presence cover Mark Taylor, his wife and family in their travels and in their appearance in public today and in the days ahead.  That as Your Word has been spoken the prophet is to be before the king, may that be fulfill in Mark’s life in the future.

Lord let Your Presence cover all those are suffering from any form of sexual abuse either from the past or even now in this hour.  May each of them be healed of these wounds that they have suffered and endured in what ever form it took whether  physical or mental. Lord even those who are part of the Strike Force of Prayer let them feel that healing in their spirit at this very word as we speak and pray for them!

Lord let Your Presence cover those who are falsely accused of sexual and other crimes of any kind be declared innocent  and that their good name and reputation be restored!  May their humiliation be a moment of inner strengthening in their resolve to serve You and Your people like Judge Brett Kavanaugh and so many others like him.  May the truth be brought out in all circumstances and put a stop to all of these plots to destroy someone so that the evil will prevail.  Lord let Your Presence bring forth true Justice and Righteousness

always to win in our nation! May all lies and deceit choke in the throats of those who falsely accuse.  Let only Truth be spoken!

Father it is in Your Presence we find Peace and Rest for the turbulent times we are in.  While others are in rebellion and resistance keep us protected and safe in our homes and families.  May those caught in this darkness repent or suffer the consequences of their choice in actions.  Father lead us in this battle to spread Your Kingdom here in America and in Your land of Israel.

Father, in Your Presence give us a strong anointing from Your Holy Spirit  a discernment as we vote for the leadership in our towns, cities, communities, states and national government.  Let Your Presence prevail over voter fraud and all other forms of cheating and rigging elections from those who are in darkness. Lord during this time let us sweep out those who are false in their leadership and bring in a wave of new and righteous men and women who will assist President Trump to bring law and order and true Justice to our America!  Let them continue to put a stop to the new world order and 1 world religion.  Their time is over and the Your Will be done now as it is in heaven so here on earth. Lord protect those nations who are in brotherhood with us like Italy, Poland and other nations set to be free from the luciferian ways!

O Father, we give You thanks and praise for having put us here for such a time as this. And for making us a part of Your kingdom Army to worship and honor You, Father through Your Son, Yeshua in the Unity of the Holy Spirit! Amen! Amen!



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