Feb 14, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

You have made us in Your image and likeness and breathed Your Spirit into us and gave us dominion over all of creation in the beginning which we lost but now we are so grateful for You have re-established Creation by the Blood of Your Son, Yeshuah our Messiah and Lord!  We are here to give You honor and Glory for this great Gift of Life and life abundantly in Yeshuah!

We are here as Your Army of Prayer Warriors armored up to fulfill the assignments You have for us in the battle against the enemy.  As we pray together in this hour keep us oof the enemy’s radar and scramble our communication for his ears so he will not be aware of the plan You have for us to fulfill this day.  Keep the confusion, chaos and destruction in his own camp and may all those aligned with the enemy be in such disarray that like of old they will fall on their swords and destroy their own army from within!  Lord release You Holy Angels to defend us in this battle and that we will see the victory You have promised! Lord renew our Hope to see that there are more of us than there are of the enemy, because  power is in the spirit!

Father this is a day we call Valentine’s Day but really Valentine would himself want it to be a day for You and the love expressed this day is from You and so we turn our hearts to You and then to those whom You have given us to cherish and care for.  For we know as John taught us God is Love and he who abides in Love abides in God and God in him. Us this day Lord to bring awareness to your people and all who are searching for the truth that we are to be like Your Son, Yeshuah in loving as He loved!  May true love reign in our hearts and be our motivation to bring change in America and across the earth spread the Your Kingdom come now as it is in heaven!

Father we intercede for all marriages, families, our youth that love of You be the center of our lives together!  That as we pray we seek reconciliation amongst us and especially in our assemblies of worship! That all criticism and gossip and backbiting be stopped among those who call them Christians!  That we have the unconditional love in our hearts that Your Son showed us and even said in His moments of death: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”  Lord because of his forgiveness poured out on us we extend that to all those who have harmed us and scared us in our past and even to this present moment.  No matter how hard it is to say it Father, we forgive them & pray for their salvation that they may experience the True Love that all seek and can only be found in You!

Lord we are here to continue by prayer to cover our President Trump, his wife and family with all the pressure they face everyday that their hearts be trust in You and that they experience Your love for them!  May all of those righteous men and women who work with and for President Trump be protected and be given the Wisdom to fulfill their assignments and rule in accord with the Plan You are unfolding before us!

Father we also intercede for more commitment to Life and the Rights of the Unborn and all life even for the elderly and handicapped among us.  We come against the evil forces of euthanasia that is in the midst of death promoters.  Lord we intercede for our bothers and sisters in Canada and the governmental interference in allowing euthanasia to rid the elderly from the land!  It is like all the evils that are dominating here in America and so many other nations, we are here to fill the atmosphere of the earth with our prayers, our worship and song to be in the air we breathe and the thoughts we think.  Lord let our prayers in this moment change the frequencies around us and see how they are really dominating the air waves and the Holy Spirit is using us to really make a difference and to bring the change we hope for and believe in to happen now!

Lord You our hearts and the veil is removed to reveal on the earth our true character that is founded upon the Rock of our salvation.  Thank you Lord that we are seeing more clearly who to follow and to reject and refuse to listen to.  Thank you for all the whistle blowers and those willing to report and reveal the Truth so that Justice will reign in our land!  We are so grateful to be alive in this time and that we are here to do Your Will and fulfill the destiny You have place in each of us and especially the Love You have for each of us.  We know You hear us as we pray in the Name of Your Son and our Redeemer, Yeshua and in the unity of the Holy Spirit! Amen!

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