Jan 29, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

As Your Army gathers here before You surround us with Your Heavenly Protection from all the assaults of the enemy.  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and scramble all of his frequencies from interfering with our communication with You, Father.  Keep all distractions from causing confusion, chaos and anxiety from us and to keep it in the enemy’s camp.  Let Your Holy Spirit guide us into a unity of prayer and voice that it will be heard around the world and proclaim Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Father, Your Son, Yeshuah has given us authority to bring down the strongman and any stronghold he has established in out land, so Father fully armored as Your Army we move forward to regain the land of America and all that has been stolen from us by deceit lies and all other forms of treasonous acts against the authority You have established through our Constitution and the law and order we live by here in America.  Lord we do respect the rightful use of authority to protect and bring peace among us.

Father we repent of any times that we have been disobedient or caused any disrespect toward authority and that those who rightfully placed over us to ensure our safety and protection.  Lord, we  repent of the lack of respect and honor given to first our parents, teachers and guides.  Lord forgive us for any disrespect we have shown to our President and those who hold proper offices of authority from law enforcement to the military because we know Lord they serve us under great stress and walk into harms way to ensure our safety and protection.  Forgive us Lord so that we return to living under righteousness and Justice as You have commanded us to live as we see in Your Word and shown us the example of Your Son who set us free to live in spirit and truth!

Father we intercede for all those who are blind and will not see the importance of honoring and respecting authority.  Lord that through our example and discipleship that our youth be raised up to know the importance of following orders, rules and laws that bing true peace and respect for one another.  Lord that America will follow the rule of law we have followed and none of the rubbish of laws and and ways of life that do not worship our God, You Father.  No sharia law or any other law but the Law of  America based on Your Sacred Scriptures as our forefathers and mothers believed and were willing to die for.  This is what has made America great and we are so thankful that we have a President who believes and walks as we want and do our best to fulfill!

Father, continue to expose the corruption, the lies, the deceit and treasonous ways of those who have used authority for their own selfish gain and taken advantage of those who are under their rule.  Lord that our leaders will be truly mindful of the people and for the people and that they are to live by the same laws that they command us to live by.  Too long Lord, Your people have been abuse by those who lord it over us, now is the time of Righteousness, Justice and Truth to prevail!  May they repent or receive Justice for the evil that they have brought to America from abortion and forms of sexual perversion and the disgusting abomination of same sex marriage and pedophilia and child abuse.  O Lord strike down and bring to Justice those whom have desecrated America and do not even admit that it is here in our midst.  O Lord we want America cleansed and remarried to the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob who sent His Son Yeshua as our Messiah and King.  Lord what You are doing here in America let it happen in Israel and all the nations that will align with Your Scared Plan for this time.  Our Canadian brothers and sisters as well as those who join with us in this Strike Force of Prayer Army that they too will see the Holy Spirit do a s wondrous work in their nations.  Lord let the harvest begin and may we be prepared to do our work of rescuing all those the enemy has held captive.

Father, we are here to do Your Will and follow Your Commands!  Send us fully armed to continue to battle the enemy and win back any territory stole from us and that we will move from victory to victory so that Your Kingdom reigns from sea to shining sea and all across the firmament You have created.  Thank You Father for instilling us a Hope that sustains us and we know we win when we are with You! We are grateful for the opportunity to see Your Agenda fulfilled and to be on the front lines to be a part of Your Plan.  We are confident You hear us and answer us because we pray in Yeshua’ Name!  Amen!

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