Aug 17, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We come before You as Your Warriors of Your Kingdom Army, ready to do battle and follow Your orders to conquer the enemy and his evil forces.  Lord with our hearts we choose Life over death!  We choose to follow You and no other gods or idols.  We choose to be obedient in following Your Commands.  We choose Your Covenant of Creation that You originally established and have since re-built and renewed through Yeshua, Your Son and our Savior and Lord who is King of kings!

Lord, we ask during this time together You cover us under the shadow of Your Wings.  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and bring confusion and chaos into his camp and followers.  Keep us free to have open lines of communication without any technical interference and that there will be order and respect during this prayer time.  Keep any who would make trouble during this time as You make plain to us Your Battle plans for today.  Lord, we place all that have aligned with the darkness of the enemy under Your Cross where true judgment begins and the separation of those who choose You and those who do not.  It is here Lord that You reveal to us who is for Life and who is for death and You also reveal to us who is anointed to be the shepherds  of Your flock in our day!  Thank You, Father  for setting us apart and anointing us by Your Holy Spirit to be Your remnant in Your Army here to do Your Will!

Father, we place before You our leaders, our shepherds who lead us now so that You will make us aware of who to follow and those who really nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Lord as You daily reveal the good shepherds from the evil ones, prepare us now to be ready to bring healing love to all those who have been wounded and led astray and devastated by treasonous acts in Your Church.  We intercede especially for our youth and all who have been abused by Church leadership that has served their own lusts over feeding the sheep that You had placed in their care.  Lord no matter what affiliation or denomination or special name of a church has, we are here to bring that healing love and true discipleship to the wounded for them to choose Life over death.

Lord, in our day we reject all shepherds who have taught deceit for their own glory, those who have chosen to make covenant with Baal and given power  to any government so that their pockets can be filled with silver and gold.  Lord in Your Authority we bring them to the Cross for judgment.  As Your prophet has told us cleansing in the church is a part of Your Plan to renew us and bring forth a new approach.  The old systems have been corrupted and no longer are in accord with Your Holy Spirit.  Systems that worldly, that have made the church become a business, corporation or circus of fun and games may they now before the Cross be brought to naught!  Lord through Your people who are Your living stones be brought together as we are now on this call to form a new Temple where You are worshiped in spirit and truth.  Lord, You are the Head of this Body and no other covenant is allowed in to separate us from Your Headship!  We do not want or need these old systems!  We know that the Holy Spirit will guide us into the newness that You have planned for us!

Lord we intercede for new shepherds to be raised up in our day.  Lord even raise them up and draw them out of Your Army now.  Anoint them for this new leadership because they are walking in Your Righteousness!  We know they are here show us Lord!

Lord, we are here use us to rebuild Your Temple.  We are Your temple and we are here to worship You in spirit and truth just as Yeshua told us and showed us! Amen!


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