Oct 26, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We are so grateful that You have chosen us to be members of Your Royal family because of our Faith in Your Son, Yeshua and that You have sealed us by Your filling us with the Holy Spirit.  Father it is such an honor that You call us family, but that You have also destined us to be Your Army to defend Your Kingdom, to advance Your Kingdom, to rescue those who are lost in darkness, to comfort those who are in need, but most especially to be formed into the image of Your Son, Yeshua so that others will experience Your Love through all we do in serving others like Yeshua taught and showed us.  Such a privilege Lord and we are so grateful!

Father as Your Army of Prayer Warriors protect us from the enemy’s radar and keep us from any interference during this time we are with You and Keep us united in the spirit so that we are One Body under the head of Your Son, Yeshua!

Father, we intercede for the needs of our nation, America.  We intercede for our President Trump that he have Holy Spirit Wisdom and Discernment in each of the issues he faces as our leader and a leader among the nations of the world.  Lord, right now we intercede for his decisions regarding our borders with Mexico.  That there be a halt to this caravan that is to challenge our border.  That President Trump will make the right decision in handling it and in stopping anymore illegal entry into this country, especially those who come to disrupt our life here in America.  That as of this moment before You a stop be placed on all those who are behind this situation.  That their money and schemes be stopped.  That they repent  and make restitution for the destruction they are causing and if they do not repent then strict Justice be brought to bear on them.

Father, just as used Abraham and his family was used to rescue Lot from the enemy in Sodom and Gomorah, use us to stand in the gap to rescue our nation from those who hate and want to destroy us through the perversions that are promoted by the enemy and his forces within our land. Lord that through these elections already started in some states that “We the People” rise up and elect proper officials who will stand for righteousness and defend our Constitution and enact laws that are need at this time and to revoke all the laws and regulations from the IRS and other government institutions that have been a burden on our people of this nation.

Father we look forward to more of Your intervention into our nation as we continue to form portals for the Holy Spirit to move in each of the states of America. Bless these prayer calls and the warriors who are participating as leaders and as members.  Prayer will prevail through out our land now and into the future!

Lord we intercede for all those who are sick or find that the source of their sickness is due to the tampering to our food supply by the chemecelization  and improper handling of the products of our farmers and those who supply this nation.  That those who are responsible be brought to justice.  That those who have used evil influence to alter our weather patterns and other natural patterns to be altered stop and either repent and give proper restitution or face the consequences of Justice and righteousness prevailing in our nation now!

Father we intercede for Your sacred Land of Israel that the nations of the world respect that Israel is forever!  That this sacred land is not to be divide in 2  states that I be a unified whole as You have spoken in Your Word.  Now the land is even more sacred as it is the land in which Your Son has trod and performed miracles and performed the greatest sacrifice of shedding His Blood on the that ground and that He was buried there and rose from the grave and now reigns with You from Your throne at Your Right Hand! To You be glory, honor and praise forever and ever Amen!



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