Nov 2, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We speak firmly that we want Your Perfect Will to govern over America! Father, Your Kingdom is based on Justice and so want Justice to rule over us now and into our future! Law and order so that everyone is protected and safe to worship You as Your Son has spoken in spirit and truth! Father as we are gathered here in Your Court of Heaven we declare before You we repent of being either knowingly or unknowingly involved in allowing America to be desecrated by worship of Molech or Baal in child sacrifice through abortion and perversion of children in trafficking. By the Blood of Jesus and through the authority He has given us we throw off the curse of death on this nation. We replace it Lord with our crying out for Life and the protection of the sacred womb of woman. Lord that in these days we will see Roe v. Wade reversed and true respect of woman will be our highest standard. We have been silent too long Lord so we here we are today proclaiming All Life Matters from its conception to the day one returns to You in our transition called death. We know Life is forever and we know Your have great plans for us now and for all eternity! Your Kingdom come now and forever!

Father, in this time of prayer we see the vision of a red tsunami of change! That as the waters crest to come crashing down on all that is not of You especially all those who have robbed, lied, stolen and yes, even murdered to have their way, they will see all their evil fall and be drowned as You did to the Egyptians chasing the Israelites through the Red Sea. It is time now Lord to see what we have been praying for and repenting for and seeking by our actions and yes by our voting that we will see the righteous be placed in positions of governance over America. Lord that the Congress and the Senate will be filled with those who will work with President Trump to brig forth a restoration of America. That we will be that Light on the Hill for the world to see and hear the Truth to spread across the earth. That what the Holy Spirit is blowing across the land will be done now in these days of voting and we will fully recover from all the enemy has placed upon us. Captivity is not of You, Father, for Your Son has set us free and we are free indeed!

Father, as we are gathered here together we speak in the authority that Your Son has given us to bind the strong man and his strongholds in education and the educational system that has become indoctrination of hate and a no God idea will crash now. That parents are awakened to fulfill their duty to bring their children up in a true fear and reverence of You, Father. That we will see a flourishing of homeschooling and that a new educational approach will dominate the land. That You will bless us with a new breed of teachers who will inspire and train up our youth to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit in their lives. That the young will have visions of what You have planned for us in the days ahead. Just as the prophet Joel had proclaimed and Peter spoke on the Day of Pentecost our young will have visions and the old will dream dreams that will show us Your Glory Lord. Now is the time for us so we have a Hope and Joy in our hearts that as You have said in Your Word the wicked will perish and righteous will prevail and walk in Your Blessings. This that time Lord and we are so grateful You have chosen us to be here and to be a part of what You have Willed for us to have!

Father, in this hour we forbid anything that is not of Your Perfect Will for us over our nation. We bind any people, parties, agendas, structures, laws, statues, rules and ordinances or cultural norms to have no say in our lives! We are a free people under Your Governance! Thank You, Father for the restoration that has begun and that more and more Americans are aware of what is at stake with this election and that there is a clear choice between good and evil that is clothed in sheep clothing.

Lord, we are seeing the wolves and what they plan for us a total captivity of a world order that is in darkness, but we are here piercing the darkness with Your Light. We follow Your Son as He as spoken: all you who are weary come to me for my yoke is easy and we will be doing what He has done and even more besides! Praise You God for such a time as this! Amen!

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