Dec 13, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We call You Daddy God because that is what You are to all those who have accepted Your Son, Yeshua as Lord and Messiah!  We are so grateful that You have called us to be a part of Your kingdom Army at this time a time for warring against the forces of evil who are in a loosing struggle to destroy America, our President, our righteous men and women in government and leaders in our assemblies.  Lord we give You all the glory, honor and praise and worship You deserve for the Plan You have set before us!

As we start this sacred time with You renew us to stand firm in our worship of You! And that we allow no defilement or distraction of any kind interfere with our unity in mind and heart and voice so that we proclaim You as our only source of blessings and ability to live life abundantly.

In these moments we are together keep us off the enemy’s radar.  Jam his frequency with noise he would inflect on us.  Keep him far away from us and this sacred assembly we are now a part of calling us Your Strike Force of Prayer.  Keep us free from all the enemy’s plots, ploys, schemes and trickery as he even uses our fellow believers in this hour.  Lord, we are only here to give You glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving.  Do not allow anything to stop us in our advancement of this Army of Yours.  Keep us aware of all the attacks of the enemy but make us more aware to not take them personally that it is You he hates most and goes after us because we are Yours.  We know he is doing everything he can to overthrow Your Plan for us, but we know it will be fulfilled, because Your word cannot be stopped and it fulfills Your intent!

Father, during this time we place in Your Hands our President Trump and all who are aligned with him to lead us in the fulfillment of Your Plan You have for America.  Lord, we repent of any lack of trust on our part for doubting or cringing in fear because of threats to knowing Your Plan will be fulfilled on all levels of our lives.  Forgive us for wondering away from the Truth by listening to those who plant seeds of doubt through their false reporting  and a frequency of negative life, a life of death.  Lord make renewal and restoration the key to the success of Your Plan here in America, Israel and any nation that seeks to fulfill Your Plan.  Lord, Your Plan will be fulfilled in our day!

Father, we place a protective shield around Your prophetic voice in our age for Mark Taylor and the others You have anointed to speak words of Hope instead of doom and gloom!  You do reveal to Your Prophets Your Plan sometimes we are just to slow to respond or see the glory of You in what is being said.  Some are slow to comprehend  or refuse to change their thinking or perception of the Truth.  Some even huddle and fear and hope fort the quick bus to get them out of here, but not us Lord we are here to serve You with open eyes and hearts focused on You and what You have planned for us.  Lord we we seek renewal and restoration so that we will have a return to true Justice in our land.  Lord bring to fulfillment the prophetic word that President Trump will appoint 3 more Supreme Court Justices.

Lord we seek the Hammer of Justice to fall on those who have been in power to over throw America and alter our constitution and other precious freedoms that were established. Let Justice prevail even over Congress, Senate and Judicial system and if it be by arresting and imprisoning these and other “High & Mighty” ones so be it.  We know You are no respecter of persons Justice will prevail!  Father we know You do not want to loose any to the enemy, but once their free will shows up You respect it and back away.  Thank You for giving us free Will to freely choose to love You in return.  What a privilege to serve our God like this!  We proclaim Your Name singing songs of thanksgiving.

Father we rise up in Your Authority to make an impact and to change our culture from selfishness to selflessness.  Father restore in us to have, purity, modesty and  cleanliness return to our moral standing so that children will see the reflection of Christ in us.  We proclaim to freedom to worship You and You alone.  That all idols  and images of Baal and other false gods be destroyed by Holy Angels in this season.  That good leaders will have the courage to speak up and bring these idols down and let Your People express their faith in Jesus Christ and Him alone.  That these public displays of false worship be brought down that there is no reason to continue to make this a nation of many gods, but that we worship the true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the One who Who sent His Son, Yeshua, to be our Messiah and King!




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