Apr 11, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

You have called us into Your Army and You have set before us Your Plan to defeat the enemy.   Your Light shines on us to make us aware of who we are in Your Son, Yeshuah and that You have Your Protective Covering over us.  Please jam the enemy’s radar and assure that his forces do not learn about what You reveal to us.  They are only imitators of what is real and true.  They are filled with lies and deceit and in their camp is unrest, anxiety, confusion and chaos.  Lord because of Your protective Arm we are marching on to Victory and can see that You have heard our prayer.  We are seeing Justice fall in America on those who have been a part of our downfall. Gracious God keep us aware of our Life in You.  We are Your Remnant moving forward for such a time as this!

Father, on our tongue are words of praise, glory, honor and thanksgiving for all that You are doing in our land.  Continue to expose those who are part of the evil plots of the enemy to destroy, kill and harm the righteous in our day.  Lord it is through the tongue that we have the power of Life or death.  We choose to speak life!  Guard our tongue from speaking false words or spreading rumors that are not true about others.  Lord make us aware of what we see and listen to that is meant to confuse any situation or bring down any person.  Lord there is so much destruction through the tongue in our day and so often words are used to bring down someone who is good to make them look evil or to destroy their reputation.  Lord we need our people to rise up and refuse to listen to the gossip and deceit that is practiced in the media.  May we see an increase of those who are able to buy up the media and turn it around to report the Good News instead of the garbage we hear and see! Lord, now is the time for Good Men and women to arise and use their talents to change America into righteousness!

Father, make Your Light even brighter in our lives.  Make our cause shine as Your Son and our Redeemer.   Fashion us in His image now! When we walk in Your Light we see clearly the path You have for us.  As children of the Light we are able to pierce the darkness and bring others to the point of deciding for or against Your Plan for us.  Lord, raise up a new brand of teachers, mentors, instructors who will speak the Truth from Your Word and make us men and women of the Light without fear of professing our Faith in You.  Don’t allow us to just sit quietly and meekly in a pew.  Give us power and the Holy Spirit Fire!  As Your Son has said He is the Truth and the Light.  In Him we have true freedom and authority to speak to any mountain in our way and say Move and it will move! We can say to evil before us bow down before the Blood of Christ: repent or suffer the consequences of your choice!

Lord thank You for the Victory in Israel that keeps moving forward with the restoration of Your Prophetic Time Table for their land and its people. May we see the plan of no division of Your Land happen through what President Trump is doing to keep us in a protective friendship with Israel.  Not our will but Your will be done!  May these people truly see and accept Messiah, Your Son, Yeshuah!  For when they do the hour of completion draws nigh! Lord, we pray for the Peace of Jerusalem for we say as Your prophet Kim Clement sang and proclaimed: Israel is forever!

Father we again continue to place a protective shield over our President Trump, that he will have around him those who are truly dedicated to Your Word and Plan.  May those who consult and advise him be those who truly want what You want and plan for us.  Lord cleanse any of his evangelical leaders who are soft on Justice and wishy washy as to advising him in the way of walking in Justice and Truth!  As our prophetic voice of Mark Taylor has stated, “Get rid of the wolves in sheep’s clothing that are around President Trump.”  Now is the time of real revelation of those who have character founded on a closeness to You O Lord!  No longer do we want to be led by those who are blind and will not listen to what You have revealed about what is to happen now!  Lord fulfill Your Plan in us who are willing to say, “Your Will be done here on earth as it is in heaven!”  We stand with You, O lord!

Lord put a protective covering on all those who have been led by the Holy Spirit to occupy the Land and to bring Justice and the true Gospel into our America like Coach Dave Daubenmire, and so many other good men and women in our day and among our ranks of Your Army who gather here and now, and who are committed to cry out to You every day!  We shall overcome by our words and testimony as we are washed in the Blood of Yeshuah!  Amen and Alleluia!

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