Nov 2, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You with humble contrite hearts in thanks giving for the day You have given us to intercede and bring before You all of our concerns about our lives and the life of our nation of America.  We seek Your Protection from all the evil ways of the enemy.  Keep us off of his radar and keep his camp filled with confusion and chaos that they may fall on their own weapons of destruction and death.  We know You take care of Your own in supernatural ways and so we know that Your Promises are true and always fulfilled!

Father we are so grateful for the Gift of Your Son, Yeshua  our Messiah and King of kings and Lord of lords who has shed His Blood for us and makes us new through Faith.  That You have sealed us through the Holy Spirit who bestows on us Wisdom and Discernment as He guides us in the War we wage against the enemy.  We know Father, through Your prophets Mark Taylor and others that You have destined us to see newness of life here in America and that this also Your intention for all who have accepted Yeshua as Messiah in any nation across the earth.

We know we are on a rescue mission to save the lost and help those who seek refuge under the shadow of Your Wings.  Prepare us even more so that we will be able to comfort the sorrowing like in our city of Pittsburgh and other areas where tragedy has affected the innocent and those who have found themselves in the line of fire of the enemy.  We seek to be generous in our giving to help those who are in need especially those who have harmed by storms and other weather related incidents.  Lord we are here to serve You in our offering ourselves as instruments of Your Mercy and Love!

Lord, we intercede in our nation now as the right to vote and be a people who chooses who should govern them.  That there be true freedom to vote without intimidation or any kind of foul play in the tallying and protecting our votes.  That law enforcement and all those who are here to ensure the voting process be done without illegal votes and any kind of voter fraud.  That our nation truly be a land of freedom to choose and obey our Constitution and proper authority.  That those we choose will truly be righteous and fulfill the office that they are seeking election for.  Thank You, Father for Your protection!  Lord we also intercede for those who are allowed early voting that they are not in any way intimidated or stopped from fulfilling their civic duty and that they gladly fulfill their obligation to render America their clear choice for those they choose to govern us!

Father, we seek healing for all those who find themselves struggling with disease and any form of illness that plagues their body, mind and spirit.  That the elderly of our land be protected and taken proper care of.  That good men and women help and assist those who seek their help through proper and Godly means of healing!  That this be true for all our veterans also!  That as President Trump has shown when we honor and respect those who have served their country well we are showing them Your Love!  Thank You Father for the gift of those who serve others in their time of need!

Thank You Father for all the promises of change in America that You have already begun through President Trump and all those who stand with him to make  Your Agenda for America come to pass in our day!  We give You glory, honor and praise for we know what man finds impossible to do You do!  That all we have and do is because of You and so all of our efforts and accomplishments we lay before You for it is all because of You that we are blessed!

Lord, through the authority of Yeshua  we strike down the strongholds of the enemy here in America and we take up the sword of Faith and stand to defend life for our children and all the weak who need our service! Father we know Your Promises are true and are fulfilled now and into the future for we come to you in the name of Yeshua! Amen



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