May 12, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We are here in Your Presence grateful for this sacred time together! We know You listen to us and we are here to hear what is on Your Heart at this time.  Father we seek Your protection during this time that we may be off the enemy’s radar and that nothing will interfere during this time.  No distractions,noise or circumstances can keep us from listening to Your Words and filling hearts in this moment.

Father, we are grateful for the breath of life in this hour to be here now in such a time as this.  Even in our struggles and difficulties we face, we hold on to You, Father. You are our source, our strength and our means of salvation.  You are the means by which we overcome the enemy in the war being waged, but through You we are here to defend and expand Your Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.  Thank You Lord for all the blessings at this moment as we Your victorious Army are standing in the midst of the movement of the Holy Spirit that is so strong that we will see our enemy run from their strongholds overpowered by the Cross and the Blood of Yeshua.  Now Lord is the time for new breakthroughs in healing, finances and our Youth living Life to the fullness You have for us!

Lord, many times we are impatient and doubt whether what we pray for will come to pass. But because of Your Great Love for us through Yeshua, Your Son, we know our hope and our dreams will come to pass in Your Prefect timing for us!

Lord, we are waiting to see the prophetic words spoken for our nation to come to pass.  Things like the media swallowed up and a new breed of  journalists seeking to reveal the truth about out government and trials and sufferings of our people in our land be brought Justice, Mercy and Kindness as a true picture for our day.

Lord, we are grateful that in this hour You are revealing the evil ones in their desire to destroy Your anointed President Trump.  That the “deep state” and all those who have plotted and agreed to overthrow our government and our way of life will now face the consequences their distorted thinking and planning.  Lord if they will not repent and seek forgiveness  for their treasonous acts then let Justice be done!   By the full authority granted to us by Yeshua,we seek a bold moment to stand against them in Voice and Vote as we are united in prayer.

Lord bless our anointed vessels that are being put into places where the enemy is to be soundly defeated through elections into our government on every level in this land.

Father, as Your faithful soldiers, we know our strength comes from You and in our weakness Your strength is made manifest.  Thank You for placing us here in this sacred time which You have planned from the beginning.  Lord as we see time pass we know You are in control and we will see Your Glory manifest now and into eternity!

Father, thank You for the prophetic words spoken into our time.  Lord, that those whom You have anointed as prophets be placed into a position to speak into the life of President Trump and the other anointed leaders.  Let prophets like Mark Taylor, Hank Kunneman and others a position themselves to speak into our future.

We no longer want to hear words of doom and gloom, but the inspiring hope and encouragement  that even though war is raging we will see the victory all I Yeshua’s Name. Amen.

Thank You Father for such a time as this!  We see even the Tribe of Judah returned to Your Sacred Land of Israel and that covenant our forefathers made with You is still sturdy and true!  Amen! Amen!

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