Mar 26, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

Through the Fire of Love burn from us all that is dross and stains us so that we can be a true living sacrifice! Mold us and form us into the image of Your Son Yeshua, so that when the world sees us they will see an army bright and VICTORIOUS! We cry out as in the Book of Daniel with Your servant Azariah: For Your name’s sake deliver us from our enemies and make Your covenant with us forever.  As You bestowed on Abraham, Issac and Jacob let Your Mercy fall on us.  With a contrite heart and a humble spirit let us find Favor in Your Sight so that our enemies will be scattered and those who want to cause harm will themselves be caught in their plots and be utterly be destroyed and suffer the consequences of their treacheries and deceitfulness!  Let the Fire of Your Justice consume them and bring Your Kingdom even into greater focus in our day and in our actions of Faith!  And now Lord, we follow You with our whole heart.  We fear You and pray to You: do not let us be put to shame, but deal with us in Your Kindness and great Mercy.  Deliver us by Your Wonders and bring Glory to Your Name O lord.

Father let the Fire of Your Love by Your Holy Spirit guide us and direct us in our battles with the enemy.  Keep us off his radar and deafen his ears so he is not even aware of the stirring of our spirits in this time as we march forward to the Victory we see unfolding through the actions that have been set in motion in our day.  Answers to prayers that have been laid before You through the generations, we are so grateful that you have us here to see the answers come forth.  Yes pour enemy will be scattered and Your Justice will prevail in our land of America  and what You are doing here You are doing around the world!

Lord as we stand in repentance we continue to see the flame of Liberty burning bright in our midst.  Thankful Lord that You have given us President Trump, his wife and all those who stand with him to bring a true turn around in our country.  That in these days ahead we will see the enemy cower for he has no place to hide as Your revealing Presence shines the Light in the darkness even in the caves and tunnels of their wicked ways.

Lord during these days touch more and more lives to make them aware of their sin and folly to abandon and walk away from the dead corpse they cling to called a religious spirit and rituals that are dead and have no life of the spirit in them.  That our hearts will burn with love for all those who will be devastated by the demolition and destruction fo church structures that have blinded Your people and made them blind sheep led to the slaughter.  Father, thank You for the change that is taking place as more and more of Your people are awakened and they run from the old religious ways and turn to You with a new form for Your Body with Yeshuah truly as the Head and King!

Father, keep Your people in perfect Peace and Calmness as things unfold, that even if there is unrest in our land we will be safe and be shielded by Your Heavenly Host and that we will see Just and Righteousness prevail!  Lord as You expose these evil plots give us strength to take up our sword of Faith to stand to declare and decree that America will truly be the Land from which will spring a a new a wakening and that we will be here to embrace all who are looking for Peace in their hearts and the healing touch in their body, mind and spirit.  When one repents Your Angels rejoice and so to with us!  May we see a great gathering of repentance across our land to truly come to Yeshuah as Lord and King of kings!  That we will see our Youth sing a new song of praise unto You.  That we will see our schools and colleges and universities return to what they were founded for to make us disciples of Your Son!  Lord that true learning of Your Word and who You are will dominate our conversation and what we speak of throughout our Land!

Father let the Fire of Your Love make us one and lead us to love one another as You have always wanted so that You will dwell with us and we will see heaven brought down to earth as Your Plan unfolds now and into the future.  Thank You again Father, for putting us here during such a time as this!  We know You are with us and there is more to come!  We are so confident because we come to You in the Name of Your Son, Yeshuah and in the unity of Your Holy Spirit! Amen!

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