Nov 8, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We are here to do Your Will.  We are Your chosen ones who have committed ourselves to repent and make changes in ourselves so that we more clearly reflect the image of Your Son, Yeshuah before all we are to do and say to others You have given us to love and disciple for Kingdom You want us to dwell in with You now and for all eternity>  Lord keep us mindful that You want us to love You with all our strength and our whole being.  Lord during this time keep us off the enemy’s radar and all that the enemy puts in our way to make us stumble and fall in our commitment to You.  You are our source of all that we need to over come the enemy, in fact Lord we stand in opposition to our enemy and he will flee in agony as we pronounce the Name of Jesus!  We are washed clean by His Sacred Blood so we have nothing to fear knowing we are more than conquerors in Him!

But Father we want to take the time to examine ourselves in the convicting power of the Holy Spirit to face the changes we need to make in our character so that we truly are the image of Your Son in the midst of our land! We repent for being swayed by the winds of change that make us feel we are missing out on something that someone says is better than what You have given us in Yeshuah.  Lord we are foolish we say we will take action on an issue and then we either do not vote for it or we just get complacent and stay in our comfort zone.  Lord help us renew our thinking and take on the mind of Christ so that we may discern Your Will for us and do what is good and pleasing to follow Your Commands so that we will truly do what I am called to do and not wait for someone else to do it.  If we do nothing then nothing gets done.  O Lord awaken us more to see how we have almost lost America because we have been lulled to sleep by those who have taught us to sit back and wait for Your Coming when You told us to be doing so then we will be truly ready for when You come!  Father when we were born again in the spirit we were drafted into Your Army and so we are here to fight the enemy and know that we will be victorious as You promised!

Father, we are here to proclaim that we stand for Justice and Truth in our land.  We want to us our voice to say what we believe and desire for our America.  That we are not here to just say nice words but to do and fulfill those words in our daily lives and in the world around us no matter how small or big our part is for we know working together so much is accomplished in taking back that which has been stolen and then we are here to hold it for You!  We thank You, Father for the leadership You have givne us in President Trump and all those who work with him to bring us back to the plan You have for us to overthrow the enemy and all of that that has been oppressing us and held us captive for a long, long itme.  Your Will be done and all that You have prophecied  to us be fulfilled now and we shout it out: the end for those who are corrupt!  Expose even more so that we will be free again to truly  worship You in spirit and truth!

Lord make us more aware of how we are self-defeating  in the way we argue and disagree among us as disciples on issues that really do not matter on how we call You Yeshuah or Jesus, what really matters is that we Love and are loyal to You and do all things as we are doing them for You.  Yes, there are things we have done wrong or accepted that were not the best but we are here now proclaiming You as Lord and Master of our life and that all we do is in love our brother and sisters who are one in Faith to live and move and have our being in You, O Lord!  Make us one in the spirit so that

We are showing the world that it is You and Your Will that matters.  We are here Father, to let the convicting power of the Holy Spirit show us what each of us is to do so that this Army of Prayer Warriors is united in Truth and we are here as one to bring heaven to earth so that we dwell with You now and forever! Amen and it is so!

Father show us what we can do to make recompense for our mistakes how we can offer our gifts, tithes and other blessings as a means to mend that which we have broken.  Lord use us as instruments to bring healing in broken lives and those who have been hurt and wounded by thoughts words and deeds f ours so that we make changes in us so that we will not return to old ways but find new ways to serve, protect and honor all those You have placed in our hands from our families to all who are a part of this great land of America.  Lord here we are use us now and forever! Amen!

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