Aug 9, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You today with hearts filled with Praise and Thanksgiving for all that You have done for us because we have given our hearts to Your Son, Jesus who is our Messiah and Lord!  We may not at time say it right but we know that You hear us because You know our hearts and You have accepted us as Your Family whom You have turned into Prayer Warriors in this Your Holy Spirit has named the Strike Force of Prayer. 

Father, we know we are under the shadow of Your Wing and that You do keep us off the enemy’s radar during this sacred time with You.  Keep us listening on your frequency and let the enemy camp be in confusion and chaos because they are in his frequency which brings darkness, but we rejoice because we are in the Light and we are covered by Your Love.  So grateful Lord that we are Yours and You hold us in Your Strong Grip!

Father, we are armored up to run into the battle You have directed us to fight in this day! Father we seek a destruction of the influence of the spirit of Jezebel in this Your Army of Warriors.  We are here to have pure hearts.  We will not tolerate any of the jealousy, competition or other accusations that this spirit of Jezebel makes us among us Your Prayer Army.

Holy Spirit guide us to weed out any who align themselves with this abomination that the spirit of Elijah must face in this hour.  We are her to honor and glorify You O Lord!  As Elijah of old destroyed the prophets of Baal, we too stand firm in our faith and the authority given us by Your Son to strike down this spirit in any way in our midst!  Be gone spirit of Jezebel into the pit where you came from and where you belong!  Thank You, Father for purifying our hearts now and into eternity!

Father also in this time we come against the spirit of Leviathan who is a twister of the Truth and even the very words of Scripture.  Just as Satan tried to trick Your Son in the desert by quoting the Scriptures, we too face it in our day.  There are too many who quote Scripture but do not live it in our land this day.  Bring down all those who are in leadership of being shepherds in the midst of Your Flock.  These wolves in sheep clothing who are an abomination to You as they try to lead us into a one world religion and bind us to worship of Baal. 

Lord enough continue to expose them and may they face the Justice they deserve for all of the lies, deceit and trickery they are a part of.  Lord continue to purify our assemblies and bring us into the move of the Holy Spirit that has been started so that we can return to the Book of Acts and be committed as Peter and John and say “I have neither silver or gold, but what I do have in Jesus the Christ: I say arise Walk!”  Lord that we will say to others be healed in Jesus name!  All that Jesus the Christ has told us to do we will do in His name now and every day You give us to do our part of spreading the kingdom throughout our nation and to those nations who are hungering for the Good News!   

Father, this is a time when so many falsely accuse our President Trump and other good righteous men and women who are here anointed to serve You in the capacity of leadership and guide us into the way of Peace.  May all those who are speaking mockery or scandalous words or accusations that are unfounded be silenced and that they receive that which they curse on others come to be upon them and to face the consequences of their words.  You have told us we are responsible for all that we say and so Lord we are here to use our tongues to bring words of healing and encouragement to all that You have given us to mentor, teach, instruct or disciple to expand Your Kingdom.  We know this is a precious responsibility and so we are here with pure hearts to fulfill it and so You will get all the Glory and Honor!         

Lord, we are also here to intercede for those You are anointing to give us a prophetic word of direction of what You have planned for us.  Give Your prophets like Mark Taylor and the others a special blessing to fulfill all of their needs to fulfill that which You have called them to do in this hour! Have them receive financial breakthrough and a new freedom to do as You have planned for them. 

Lord we also put a protective shield around these prophets of the True Word to stop the attacks of the enemy who tries to discourage them or falsely accuse them.  Release Your Heavenly Angels to come around them and protect them from any harm the enemy has planned for them.  May these plots and hexes, vexes and evil witchcraft be utterly destroyed just as You did in the time Elijah Your prophet.  Now let it happen again in our day!

Father may all those who are constantly debating, accusing, arguing and presenting discussions be shown they are not presenting a pure heart but their own ego of what they know from the Tree of knowledge.  Lord that they may realize they are edging You out!  Lord that we may speak only from the heart that we have given to Your Son, Jesus the Christ and we are cleansed to change our minds into the mind of Jesus and to walk in the unity of the Holy Spirit.  Thank You Lord, Amen and Alleluia!

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