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Heavenly Father,

Surround us with Your Angels to protect us from any of the snares and tricks of the enemy. Lord, drop us off the enemy’s radar! Protect us from distractions and thoughts of doubt from the enemy’s playbook. Deafen the ears and blind the eyes of the enemy so they do not know what to do in our time of intercession and prayer to You!  Hear our cry of repentance for our America!  Hear our cry of deliverance from all the plans of the enemy to overthrow our Christian ways and our government for the people, by the people and all the enemy’s ways of dividing us and hindering any progress of Your Kingdom advancing in our day!

Father we come to You in the spirit of repentance for the sins of our nation from the past!  We turn from all forms of racism, bigotry, abortion, greed, stealing. Lying, cheating, oppression and all forms of evil corruption that have harmed your people!  Deliver us from the evil of greed, jealousy and prejudice between the rich and the poor and each race and color of your people!  Deliver us from the mockery of our history and our belief in You! And the following of Your Son, Yeshua-Jesus!

Father, we are so grateful for the love and care You have shown our nation in keeping us united when so many things have put us on the path to destruction and dissolution of our Union.  You have always given us Men and Women of Faith to lead us in our time of need!  Bless those now You have given us from President Trump and all others who lead us!  We pray a prayer of protection for them all and they will have the Wisdom and boldness to fulfill the promises they make to steer America on the right path that is according to Your Word and Plan for us!

Father we come against all the foolish insane words and actions of those who are blind and deaf to the call we have in our nation!  Open the hearts of these foolish ones to see the Glory of who You are and what America truly means to You!  Let them see the hurt and conflict that they are causing and either repent or face the consequences of their actions in word and deed!

Lord we truly want a nation that will serve You and serve one another as our Son, Yeshua-Jesus has shown us! We stand in boldness of Faith to take back that which is rightfully ours now!  Lord bless all the men and women who are truly striving to make America great again under Your Divine Rule!

Father we intercede for Divine Health: Larry Nichols in his battle to lead American!  Touch all the members of Strike Force of Prayer in their need of healing!  A special prayer for Tovah our neighbor and all others who are struggling in their battle against cancer!  We cover Mark Taylor with a shield of Faith and all others who are leading us by the Holy Spirit’s Wisdom and understanding!  Thank You, Lord for the Victory and the changes you are making here in America!  In Jesus/Yeshua’s Name. Amen!



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