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            Place Your Holy  Angels around us to protect us from any influence of the enemy’ devices that can distract us in this sacred time with You! Keep us out of the enemy’s radar, let nothing interfere with our unity before You, Father!  Blind the eyes, deafen the ears of the enemy so that they will be in fear and trembling of what You have destined for us to see, to hear and to do what is destined for these High Holy Days that You have assigned from the beginning!

            Father, first of all we repent of anything that is unholy in Your Spirit!  We repent of our words and deeds that have divided us through race and color and all that has been harmful to our brothers and sisters in Jesus/Yeshua!  We plead the Blood of Jesus, Your Son, to cover us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness!  We decree and declare that we repent for the United States of America against all racism that divides us.  We repent of all of the mockery of our leaders and of one another that have been spoken! We repent of all the lies  and deceit that we have listened to from the media!  We turn our back to all of the lies being promoted about sex, abuse, perversion to the point of denying the sacredness of marriage!  Father, we thank You for this opportunity in power  to cast the enemy and all his minions back to the fire in hell! All in Jesus’ name!

            Father, we blow the Trumpet of Salvation today with our brothers of separation through traditions that must be broken!  We join with our brothers and sisters who do not yet know that Yeshua is the Messiah they long for!  We blow the Trumpet that calls us to battle the enemy who has deceived and blinded our brothers and sisters who do not know of the marvelous things You have done for us through Yeshua, Jesus!  We want all to know of the Great Love You have for us expressed through Your Son! That You had Him pay a great price for us to show us how much we mean to You!  We proclaim and decree over America to once again be based on the following of Jesus Christ and the Word!  That  we would lay down all that divides us so that we live in Peace and Harmony with no division, but with Unity in Faith, Hope and Love!  A land established on Your Kingdom Principles!  For all of us together recognize that this is Your Land of Milk and Honey, but most especially a land and a people who are unified in establishing & living Your Kingdom life in a way that prepares us for the fullness of the Kingdom on earth as You have promised in your Word!

            Father, we are here now to draw closer to You!  We see we can do nothing with the problems we face, but with You all things are possible!  Sometimes we are discouraged, feel defeated and that the enemy is too strong and cannot be stopped, but Father the Hope You have placed in us because of Yeshua, Jesus, Your Son!  Now we proclaim:  We are overcomers!  We are the head and not the tail!  We proclaim as Your Army that we are assured Victory!  Father, as we work with You to do Your Will in our land to bring  us Your prosperity, protection and posterity that it belongs to us now and for all eternity!

            Father, bless all my brothers and sisters who are with me now give them Divine Health & Divine Wisdom to continue as Your Warriors to see the Victory that lays before us!  We believe and receive all of this in Yeshua, Jesus Our Lord under the anointing of the Holy Spirit forever and ever:  AMEN!!!!!!!!


            Rosh Hashanah: New Year a time of new beginnings!

            This Thursday (21st) a high Holy Day spoken to us By God and established as one 3 important days in God’s calendar!

            Jesus is and was a Jew!  Jesus followed the calendar as He was in Jerusalem on these feasts and fulfilled all that was required in His day!

            This is a time of inner reflection/ renewal and divine atonement!

            The shofar blasts is a call to repentance!

            Hear the blasts of the Shofar: a wakeup call to draw close to God

            This day our voices are a trumpet call for the nation to repent and do battle with the enemy

            Atheist Christian: in name only because He says in his heart God does not exist!

            Serving the House of God, instead of the Lord of the house! Looking to the things of God instead of the God of all things!  Without God means only things matters!  Spirit is more important than flesh or anything materially!

            Come alive to the Spirit who will lead us through things that burden us in this world!

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