Sep 15, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

Wrap us in Your Arms for complete protection from the enemy and his evil forces and his plans against us. As Your repentant children we look to You O Lord as our source of all we are and have and so we give Your all the glory, honor and praise and thanksgiving in all of our words and actions of this day!

Lord, continue to bring confusion and chaos into the enemy’s camp so that all of their ways are brought to nothing!  That all of the distractions and disturbances they throw at us can in no way stop us, Your Army, from advancing the Kingdom and Your rule over America and around the world.  Strengthen us  as defenders of the Faith and to stand in the gap for all who are in need of rescue from the darkness around them.  As Your Army we bring to You our family of Faith and our children of Light so that we will serve only You!

Lord we have heard the warnings that You have given us through the prophetic word You have sent through the prophets of our day.  Lord we leave behind those who have deceived us and led us astray by seeking richness in the world than first seeking Your Kingdom and Your Righteousness. The prosperity we seek is in You Lord and we know that it is Your will turn to this financial world around so that Your people are no longer debtors but free from the financial burdens place upon us by those who have place evil usury and used bribery to control us and bring about a one world order and Luciferian plan to make us slaves instead of free people as You have planned and sent Your Son, Yeshua to fulfill.

Father, continue to protect our President Trump and all those You have anointed to stand by his side to lead us out of the darkness put upon us by the deceivers and liars that we have foolishly elected and that have corrupted our government and its systems.  Now is the time that these systems are under judgment and that those who have promoted the corruption and deception be brought to Justice and face the consequences of their evil ways.

Father through the authority You have given us we strike down all the mind sets that have influenced our thinking and brought us to the brink of loosing this great land You have given us.  Father we stand against all those even who call themselves Christians who stand with what is called “Never-Trumpers” and call for resistance to all that is being done to restore our true values and ideals that was planted in our beginning by men  and women of Faith and were willing to die so that America could be a land of the free and the home of the brave.  Lord we rebuke all of the lies and falsehoods that say we are not a Christian nation and that our purpose is to be center for the spreading the Gospel and to be a source

for the harvest of souls You have planned.

Lord protect your servants who voice Your prophetic Word to us and give us a Hope for a bright future in Your plan and that warn us of the judgment that is set for the unjust systems that have ruled over us  for too long.  Make us free again and no longer debtors to those who lied and deceived us by a financial system that is based on greed and usury, that which You have always condemned. Lord we ask for new leadership and men and women who truly have a heart to share Your Plan so that all of Your people will prosper and be able to always give to You first and then to care and protect all of our brothers and sister who are in need especially the widow, the orphan and yes the foreigner, whoare true immigrants wanting to be a part of America and its laws.

Lord, during these days that we call days of awe and a time to truly repent and be charitable to our neighbor, make us aware of our true roots of the Faith in Abraham, Issac and Jacob that is fulfilled in Your Son, Yeshua, our Savior and Messiah.  So that now we are truly doing what You have called us to do and to be watchful as Your Plan unfolds in our day.

Lord we bind any civil unrest the evil ones have planned as Justice is served to those who have been treasonous to our way of life.  May those we have placed as idols be crushed and brought down, people we admired but were nothing more than empty shells.  Now is the time for Your anointed to be given the honor respect they deserve.  Lord so we intercede for them.

Father we give You thanks, praise , glory, honor and thanksgiving for hearing our prayers and right now we especially intercede for our brothers and sisters that are in the path of the storms that are coming toward them.  We rebuke any influence that man has had over the stirring up these storms and have been used to cause us fear and place control over our lives.  As Yeshua, stood up in the boat and the storm died down, we now in Faith stand with Him and say Peace be still to this storm! And we speak this in Yeshua’s Name: Amen!



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