Jun 29, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We say: here I am send me, I am willing to follow Your Commands and I am willing to pay any price to bring Your Kingdom more into our families, our friends,

neighbors, towns, cities, counties, states and all across out nation!

Lord, continue to free us from the bondages we have been deceived under by those we have foolishly elected and continued to ignore.  Now Lord is the time to continue to overthrow those who lead us that are in  darkness and have no conscience for righteousness and truth.  We thank You that You have given us good leadership under President Trump and those aligned with him.  Continue to protect us fro0m the enemy’s radar and bring confusion into the camp of the enemy.  We are Your Army willing to stand in the gap for all those whom will listen and will take their position with us in the war we are raging! The battle between Light and Darkness!

Lor, You ask where are you?  And I say I am here send me I will obey!  We are here declaring Your Commands are true.  We are here present to stand against the issues that face us: standing against injustice in our courts and the judicial system.  We stand with President Trump to be covered by the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit to appoint another Supreme Court Justice.  May the one chosen be anointed to follow our Constitution, to be for life, to be for the family, to be for America, to stand on biblical principals to up hold the laws that are just and not any other so called influences like sharia or some other devilish ideas.  Lord the opportunity that Your Prophet Mark Taylor was told is now unfolding and we are so grateful.  We know that has been said this is the 2nd one so we look for 3 more!

During this time do not let those opposed to President Trump’s choice have sway over the process, but that righteousness prevail as we are on our way to revitalize America!

Lord, we also stand for purity, modesty and proper restraints against sexual abuse, and sexual perversion of every kind.  Lord we repent of any lax attitude we have or have had that has allowed all these issues be taught to our youth and we say enough of these teachers, professors and instructors of evil be banished from their positions and new ones arise!  So that our true identity prevail as You designed it from the beginning: male and female You created us.  Such a wise and holy plan.

Lord continue to open the lines of communication so the Good News is spread and that the Truth is always reported.  Give our young men and women new ideas to open up these lines of communication on a proper frequency, so that we hear about the positive things You are doing in our land.  Lord, we are ready to see Your miracle movement in a change in our media and the ways of entertainment in our land.  Give us the new sounds that have been prophesied to us by Kim Clement and others, sounds that will heal us and make us one in our following Your Son, Yeshua.  The sounds of Your Glory!

Lord, Your warriors are here ready to move and do our part in what You have planned for America.  We are ready to move forward without competition or jealousy, or selfishness in unity or Prayer, Voice and Vote in following Your Commands.  Thank You for the victories You have given us!

Lord, thank You for the brothers and sisters who have joined this section of Your Army that You have named the Strike Force of Prayer.  Thank You for the opportunity for us to share and be of one Voice in Praising and Honoring You.  Thank You, Father for all Your blessings on us now and into the future for You never forget anything we have done for You!  We pray together in Yeshua’s Name  Amen!


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