Oct 11, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

From our heart to Yours!  We seek to listen to Your Word of Your Heart today and to remain under Your Protection from all the assaults of the enemy and the evil darkness that is spread around us. We seek Your Light to pierce the darkness for us to be Light to those in darkness and are without Hope that they will see the Hope we carry as Your Family because of the Love of Your Son Jesus for us. We trust You, Father completely for we know Your plans for us are for good and we give up our will so that Your Will be done in us and in our land.  We are in repentance so that You hear our prayer and You are already in the process of healing our land and driving out the systems that have held us captive.  We are grateful for what You are doing in us and for us!

Father we know Your heart is for us to care for the poor, the widow and the orphan.  So, Father we bring to you the children who have been abandoned and given into slavery by sex trafficking and other forms of abuse.   Father bless those who are raised up for our time to rescue the children from these evil plots and schemes of those who are perverse and promote such an abomination toward the gift of Your children to us.  Lord open our hearts to be generous in giving our time and finances to those who truly are taking care of these orphan children, especially in war torn areas of this earth.  Lord, continue to expose those here in America that are part of this destructive form of life.   May we see swift Justice brought to all those who have promoted it and participated in it in any way.  From the halls of our government to the very churches who have participated to those who have remained silent and been afraid to stir the assembly to action.  Lord raise us up to do our part and to support and cover with a shield of prayer all those who are here to rescue and offer homes and to supply the needs for all of these children.  Lord let Your Light so shine in this darkness through us and in us!  Thank You Holy Spirit for stirring up this Army of Warriors to do our part!!

Father we bring to you the addicted ones in our land.  Those who are caught up in the opioid crisis that our President and his wife are making us aware of.  Lord that we will be examples for our children that the use of drugs for recreation is a lie from the pit of hell.  That our lenient attitude toward the smoking of marijuana and the passing of laws by liberal states will be revoked and Your people will rise up to use our Voice and Vote to overthrow this destructive influence in our land!  Lord we repent of not standing for the truth that we are not here to listen to those who lie and say what harm is there in freedom to choose to use these natural weeds to be a part of a person’s life.  Father forgive us of allowing this witchcraft to influence us and to get high on drugs instead of High on You, O Lord! Continue to let the Holy Spirit’s convicting Power to reign in America to save those who have been lost and to use them now as true beacons of Light and Truth.  Lord, thank You for what is happening among our Youth who are hungry for the Truth and are being brought to those who will mentor them to live a wholesome life according to the Good News of freedom from what binds to walking with You Lord in spirit and truth!

Lord, we seek special protection and Holy Spirit Wisdom be given to those men and women who dedicate their lives of service as Law Enforcement agents to bring Justice and Peace into our communities, especially wherever there is unrest or civil crisis of any kind. Bless their moments of courage to face evil in all its forms.  Keep them protected as they walk into harm’s way to save the innocent and those too weak to protect themselves.  Lord let these servants see that they are a part of Your Plan to bring us back from the brink of destruction and to bring down those who are evil and promote evil in all its forms that have been allowed to fester in our midst.  Again, our cry I Let Justice prevail and the captive be set free in Jesus Name!

Lord we pray for other nations as well as our own.  We bring before You Lord the nations of Israel, England, Australia & others of Europe and around the world.  We also bring to You those in Syria especially our fellow Christians who are caught in the cross hairs of violence and under the oppressive rule of dictators and leaders who have led them into darkness.  Lord, raise up those who have the courage to stand for Truth as we see in China the Ukraine and other areas of oppressive governments.  Lord that the underground movement of Faith begin to erupt to bring down those who are corrupt.  Thank You Lord for what is astir on the earth in this our time!  Praise be to You, O Lord forever and ever. Amen!

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