Jul 10, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We are in Your Presence keep us safely off the enemy’s radar and continue to let his camp be in turmoil and rebellion with their own authority structure!  But as for us Lord we are here to honor You with our service as Your Army for such a time as this as You have planned.  Use us in Your service to fight the enemy on our land as we have the legal right to stop all of his efforts through the authority given us by Yeshua.  We are here to take back what has been stolen and move forward into arenas and we will hold the ground until You return!

Lord show us the Way.  Show us what You want each of us to do today.  Lord we are ready to strike down strongholds that are in our territory of America.  We have a legal standing to bind the enemy and his forces from any further advances.  Lord keep us aware of his deceptions and lies that he whispers to us and distract us from the Truth!  Lord awaken those who are asleep.  Make them more aware as You draw back the curtain to expose evil and all the corruption we are to fight to save America.  Lord continue to expose politicians who are filled with bribery and do not do as they say they were voted to do.  Continue to expose the voter fraud that has put many of them in office.  Lord we our government cleaned out as You have shown us You will do through President Trump and the team around him!   Lord we ask special protection on his travels in the days ahead especially we go to England.  Let us see what You have planned even for Europe!

Holy Spirit we have asked You to give guidance to president Trump in choice for the Supreme Court.  Now we will hear all kinds of voices as to whether it is the right choice.  Lord we place our trust in You  for through Your prophet, Mark Taylor, You have said the Trump will have a dream team and that the Supreme Court will in time even turn back Roe v. Wade.  We trust now Lord that this new Justice will be used according to Your Plan.  We only want to listen to Your Voice through all the clamor.  We are grateful and thankful that the prophetic word has been spoken a d now is unfolding.  Thank You, Father!  We ask for special protection for our friend and brother Mark Taylor as he travels and to open up doors for him to continue to faithfully reveal Your Word to us!

Lord we want to up lift today people who serve us and in so doing serve Your purposes.  First of all all the men and women who serve in our military with a heart to protect all Americans and to defend us in battle that they are called to even in civil unrest.  Protect all law enforcement, fire and rescue, volunteers in times of crises and trauma of tragedy so that they can take care of keeping people calm and out of harms way.  Lord special protection to all these who serve us and now especially those who protect our borders and the member of ICE who must handle situations that are life threatening and dangerous for all involved.  Lord have our Congress do the right thing to fix our immigration laws and all aspects of making people new citizens of the USA.  Lord we truly want those who want to be here as American and are willing to up hold and live by the Constitution and the laws of the land.   Bless all who truly seek asylum and looking to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Lord, protect all those who give of their lives to help our youth from all of the pedophilia and sex trafficking and all other forms of abuse!  Give them the means they need to give these children Hope and way to live a normal life.  Lord we have a heart for the children You have given us and so like You we want to take them in our arms and keep them from all harm.

Lord we ask that You raise up teachers and mentors who will truly give our youth the opportunity to grow up knowing You as a Loving Savior and care for each of us as You see great value in each of us.  Thank You Lord for inspiring our youth to step out in Faith to live out Your destiny for them!

Lord protect and guide all those who are called to do the unheard of in healing and combating disease and health issues.  That they will live lives of service according to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit who will guide them into all truth to hep our health!  For we know that You want us well to serve You!

Lord we want to also protect all those who serve us even as a waitress, a janitor, a garbage collector all forms of service that uplift and support our America.  It makes no difference what the work is You are there to cover them and reward them for the service they render to others!  Make us so aware of seeing everyone as You see us with great value and worth the Precious Blood of Your Son Yeshua!

Finally Lord protect all Your Faithful Warriors here whom You have drawn together in unity in the Strike Force of Prayer a part of Your Army of the Kingdom.

Thank You lord for every spiritual and material bless You shower on us as we will continue to follow You our Supreme Commander! In Yeshua’s name Amen!


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