Jul 10, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

What a privilege it is to call You ABBA/Daddy as Your Son has taught us.  Because of our faith in Him we can draw close to You and the closeness is very intimate for You have said You knew us before You formed us in our mother’s womb.  That You treasure each one of us a valuable part of Your Family.  We have much to look forward to as You have great plans for us and as Your Son has told us You have a special place for each of us with Your for all eternity, but even now we have a great place in Your plan for dwelling with us as we are here on earth now!   Father, we repent of anything that we have done to limit us in Your Will for us.   We claim and declare the Blood of Jesus covers us and washes us clean to be here in Your Presence at this very moment!  What a miracle Father that at this very moment as we pray You are closer to us than we could ever imagine.  We love You, Father and are so grateful for this moment to be with You!

Father, in these moments of our prayer we intercede for our nation, for we are in need to re-establish Your Plan for the family because of what we have allowed the world to dictate to us.  Father  forgive us for treating our mothers and fathers with disrespect and lack of honor.  Father, our nation is suffering because of what has happened to the family, especially through our judicial system that has  made fathers our to be mean and abusive and that mothers are treated poorly to make them stand alone  in raising their children.  Lord we need sweeping reforms through out our courts where the bribe is more important and the tongue wagging of accusation and false testimony wins the argument or the prejudice of the judge prevails.  It is time Lord, for us we Your People to speak up and declare we want Justice.  We want law and order.  We want judges to be fair and uphold the Constitution!  We want the family to longer be torn apart but find means to repair any breach and to stand in the gap for the children sake!  Father, that we will be concerned about our children’s welfare even if the parents are unable to be together.  Father we need a strong convicting power of the Holy Spirit in our land so that families will be united and that mothers and fathers will be able to fulfill their roles for their children.   Father that mothers will show respect to the children for their fathers and that fathers will show the same respect for the mother!  Lord breathe upon the land new life for our families.  Let Your Love flow and wake us up to see how we can fix it and truly be committed to one another in making the family the core of our life in America.

Lord we proclaim no more abortions or the feeding of the children to evil worship of Molech or any other false god.  That we will see America truly a land of Liberty and respecter of Life from conception to the moment we are to return to You!  Lord, children are blessing from You and we want families to be protected and honored as You have established it!

Lord we proclaim we are want the root of this darkness dead at its roots.  That those who promote discord and destruction to the family be made aware not here in our land!  We want life and we want abundantly as Your Son has given us!

Lord, we proclaim that we honor our mothers and fathers for the life that they have given us  and that we have the fathers return to the families and that the children are blessed by each father. We proclaim that mothers be given the honor and respect for being a vessel of love to bring forth the gift of life in their womb.  Lord that America again cherish life and promote adoption instead of abortion. Tat as Mother Teresa once said bring the children so they can be loved and nourished!  Lord thank You for our children.  Thank You, Father that You have given us a President that says our nation worships God and respects life.

Father, we proclaim that parents will now step forward to raise their children in Your Way!  We declare that these schools that have become indoctrination camps be closed.  That parents are able to Christian home school or have places of education that reverence God and His Word!

Father, we proclaim that we will have respect and honor for one another as male and female. That marriages will be healed by learning to love one another as Jesus loves us.  That love and honor will be our way of life.  That children will always be given love in homes ruled by Your Commands.

Thank You Father for what is happening in America New Life and Faith, Hope and Love rule in our hearts now and forever! Amen!

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