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We come into Your Presence!  Release Your Warrior Angels to protect us from all the snares and trickery of the enemy!  With Your Outstretched Arm shield us from the enemy and his strategies to distract us from our time with You! During this sacred time together deafen the ears of the enemy, take us out of the picture for the enemy’s eyes.  May the enemy be distracted from what we say to You and what You reveal to us during this time and throughout this day!

Father, we pray for an increase in our Faith!  Believing Your Word and all that You have revealed and shown us in our lives! That we may see the glory of our days is all from You and everything we have is from Your generous and loving ways with us!

Father, our battle cry this day is Hope! Hope for America’s future!  Hope for our children to have an abundant life in You!  Hope for the victory You have for us because Your Son, Yeshua—Jesus has overcome the world!  Our hope, trust in You will bring about the change we are seeking for America! A new life in the Spirit!

Father, so often our eyes see the lurking evil and how dark the darkness is!  We are so aware in our day of the darkness and the evil intent of man and how we have become overpowered by man’s giving the enemy what is rightfully ours! Father, we think only darkness is around the corner, but in reality so is the Light, Purity and Holiness are just around the corner!  It is our choice to what we see: Hope or despair!  Hope for a bright future or the doom and gloom of false prophets and those that promote a New Word Order and the taking away of our freedoms and the sacredness of life here in America!

Father, Hope is our helmet of great expectation of deliverance from this darkness!  We are children of Your Light through Your Son and our Savior, Yeshua—Jesus!  Lord our battle cry Is Hope in the victory that comes to us each day through the cross we carry as we follow Your Son!  We are overcomers!  We are victorious!  We are Warriors in Your Kingdom Army!  We have authority over the enemy!  We are Your children!  We have Your Provident Hand to bestow on us all we need to overcome the enemy!  For this we are so grateful and thankful!  Praise and honor and Glory to You, Father God in Jesus Name and through the Power of the Holy Spirit!

Father in trusting You we have the power to keep our land clean of all that is unholy and all that has desecrated our land through all the false practices of farming and harvesting!  We turn back the cursing the abundance You have place in our hands so that we can feed the poor, help the needy, protect and feed the children and comfort the widow and the dying and all who have lost Hope for a better

tomorrow.  We know in our hearts we have Hope because of Your Great Love and Mercy You have shown us in Yeshua—Jesus!  We are filled with Hope and Wonder now for we are new creatures in Christ and we have the Power to overcome the enemy through the guidance of the Holy Spirit!

Father, because of Hope we can look fear in the face and say: We are bold and courageous!  For greater is He that is me than he that is in the world!  Thank You Father!  In Jesus name we pray! Amen!


We seek evil lurking around the corner, but so is purity and holiness!

Our attitude in war is bring Peace into the Kingdom!

God always provides even for birds (Matt. 6/26)

God has a plan: don’t look at the devastation, look at the opportunity!

Hope in time of war will give us victory!

Every battle always has a hopeful outcome!

Hope is our basis of victory!

Mark Taylor said: Victory for the righteous brings judgment to the wicked!

Trusting God for victory!

Helps keep the camp clean

Look fear in the eye!

Encourage one another

Victory in Jesus

Doubt vs. Hope     Hope vs. despair

Yeshua became a curse to take the curse off of us!  Cursed is he who hangs on a tree! (1 Th. 5/8)



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