Nov 27, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

Your Family is gathered here as an Army under Your Command to stop the enemy from any advances in our land that is marked as Your Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven! Father we repent of anything that we have done by word or action that has in anyway been a stumbling block of progress in bringing Your Plan to be here!  Lord, today help us in our vision to see as You see and to do as You do just like Your Son, Jesus taught us I do as the Father is doing!  Your Will is the most important part of our plan for us so not our will but Your will be done!  We we will follow You as Jesus did in the Garden building on love for You and having Love as our motivation and the means to overcome any fear or scare tactics of the enemy.  For we know we have a defeated foe and he is no god for there is no god but You!  All else is just smoking mirrors and tricks from the enemy to fool us into thinking that You are not with u, but We sing praise to You for we know Yo are with us asm You have promised You will never leave us or forsake us!

First of all Father we ask that You erase in consciousness any animosity we as men have toward women and their role in Your Plan.  Father for too long men have carried a prejudice against women  and an attitude that needs changing right here right now.  To truly see women as a help mate as You created them to be.  Lord, it is by women like Sarah and others in our heritage as believersto see examples of Your Presence and Your Love expressed to us.  Lord, just s Sarah place her total trust in you through all of the things that she endured with Abraham like when because of her beauty and scared for his life he gave her over to the king.  Yet You intervened and made things right!  So now Lord in this our day make things right even in our midst that men and women receive an understanding and visi0on of one another as You have created us to be and even more so now from the example of Your Son, Jesus a true respect for woman hood and all that give us in drawing closer to Your Heart and Your Will for us to be one as You are one in Your Son and in the unity of the holy Spirit.

Lord correct our vision and attitude toward even the beauty of women that it is more than just pleasure but it is an unfolding of the Beauty of who You are and what You want to share with each of us both men and women.  Father You want us to place our complete trust in You and that is so much a sign for us when we see  mother hold her infant child to her breast to nurture, protect and be affectionate with that child..what greater imge is there than what Your Heart feels toward each of us!  Lord forgive us, especially we men who have had an image of women that is not of You but of the evil in men’s hearts to want want power and might over being submissive to one another in obedient love just as Your Son, Jesus has shown us, lived for us and to do this day even brings it to us in the spirit if only will listen and accept so that we might understand Your love for us.  Yes a mystery beyond us and yet so simple that a child can see it.  Make us children again so that we might enjoy heaven here on earth until the time we will   You for all eternity here, there or in the air!

Father we repent of the bondage of lust in all of its forms among men and women for the pornography, the prostitution, the perversion of homosexuality, transgenderism, men wanting to be women and women wanting to be men and all that stupidity and idiocy that we are allowing our children to participate in.  O Lord forgive us for the atrocities that are happening through out the world because we are afraid to speak up and speak out for we might offend someone’s feelings. 

Lord what is true is true and what Your Word says is there for us to live a life of abundant blessings if only we will be obedient to Your Ways!  Lord may these prayers we are raising up to You at this moment carry to You our conviction and full desire to live by Your Way as You have taught us in the Scriptures form the beginning for what You said is exactly what Your Son, has passed on to us by the Words we now read in what we call our Bible.  O lord make us more aware of how important it is to know Your Heart and Your Mind so that You can truly dwell among us as You have planned and is unfolding even now in this day.  O Lord to see as You see! To be one with one another in the unity of the Holy Spirit as we are washed clean by the Blood of Your Son, Jesus!  O Lord Thank You for  making so now and forever! Amen!

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