Feb 9, 2021

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Heavenly Father,

We proclaim our belief in what You have spoken through Your prophets in our day and that You always keep Your Promises! Father forgive us for being impatient and wanting to know how You will bring it to pas. We please You when our faith is pure that we have no agenda or way to control You, we just believe and place our trust totally in You. Even today Lord we hear all the news about the trial that will begin today of President Trump, we are made so aware of all those who are struggling for power and control of America and its people. There are those who would keep us a s slaves just like Your Hebrew people were slaves in Egypt and who reign over us with the arrogance of Pharaoh, but yet You use their evil ways to make way for Your miraculous protection and bring about Your Will for Your people. Today, Lord we proclaim again our Faith in Your Promises and that You Keep Your promise, no matter what anyone says or thinks that they know the outcome: no one knows unless You reveal it through the Holy Spirit to those who are close to Your Heart and are faithful to Your Commands! So Lord we rejoice in Your Promise and know it will come to pass before our eyes. Yes, Lord even when the Hebrew children had no way out blocked by the Red Sea and the Egyptian army in hot pursuit You used Your servant Moses to part the Red Sea and Your people escaped to freedom. Lord this is our hour so we await what You are to do through our leader President Trump and all those You have set in place to bring freedom to Your people in America, not only here Lord but across the nations of the world. O Lord we rejoice and give Your Thanks for You keep Your promise every time! Thank You, Father for showing us Your loving kindness and How much You value us through Your Son, Yeshuah! Glory! Glory!

Father, in the authority of Jesus we bring to You all attachments and inclinations and temptations of false worship in the temples, at the altars and the idols of false god placed before us in this land by the spirit of Jezebel and her prophets and priest who worhip and have allegiance to Baal, and all other gods: we bring the Sword of Faith to smash them and bring them to utter destruction and consume them by Your Holy Fire! Lord, we are here under the Blood of Your Son to worship You in spirit and truth and proclaim You are the only God of this nation! It is because of You that we are here and blessed to be called a holy nation, a people set apart, a priesthood to worship You and bring to the world that Your Will be done here as it is in heaven. Father Your Kingdom is established on Justice and always follows Your Commands , so to here! You want us to live in Peace and Harmony with one another according to Your Holy Plan. That is exactly what we want and we show You by what we choose to do when what we do is before Your eyes! Even when we voted in this nation we showed You we want life and not death, we want integrity and not lying, cheating and stealing! Yes, Lord what has been done to us is our enemies doing and all those who have chosen the way of darkness.

We know their kingdom will not last and Your Judgment has been set and those who are nothing more than jackals and wolves in sheep clothing are doomed to fall and be led off to their own destruction as Your Heavenly Host leads the righteous to fulfill Your Will and destroy the systems of corruption made by man and turn our land around to be what You have established it to be based on Your Holy Scriptures and Faith in Jesus our Savior and only true King to live and reign with us now and forever. Amen! Alleluia!

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