Sep 14, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We proclaim our love for You with all of heart, soul and being! We come to You in humble praise and worship because we have been washed clean of all sin by the Blood of Jesus the Christ, Your Son and our Lord! Father in these moment we are gathered here together let Your Protective Arm cover us from any of the fiery darts of the enemy. May everything proceed without interference technically or in any other way. Father this is sacred time and we are here in unity and harmony to bring before You the needs of our Nation and its people and our brothers and sisters in Israel and other nations that seek to align with us so that the old systems of enslavement are broken off of us and we all walk in the Freedom that is ours by the Gift of Your Son, Jesus the Christ who sets us free and when He does we are free indeed!

Father in this time of chaotic activity in our cities we bind the demons and the spirit of rebellion that roams in our cities. We cast them out to allow the Power of Holy Spirit to hover over America and any nation that calls upon You that as the demons flee because they tremble in fear when we mention the Name of Jesus and He has bestowed authority on us to do the works that He did and even more besides. Your word says when we resist the devil he flees. So we are Your People shouting out the Name of Jesus! Jesus is Lord and with Him we are made strong and bold to stop all of the rebellion in the streets that these evil actions are stopped and peace and harmony fill our streets again. Thank You for encouraging the Young who are rising up to turn shouts of hate to be turned into songs of praise for You as is happening in the streets of Seattle, Portland and other cities where chaos caused by the false ideas of BLM, AntiFa, Muslim Brotherhood and other hate and destructive organizations. Awaken the foolish that think they are advancing brotherhood when it is only the isms of hate, prejudice and destruction they are supporting. Lord there is arising in the land a shout of enough! We want Justice as it is in Heaven! We want law and order as it is Heaven! We want harmony with You and one another as it is in Heaven!

Father, Your prophet Mark and others have stated it is the end of the corrupt and those who have held America and other nations in slavery time to face the Hammer of Justice. Continue to bless and protect President Trump, AG Barr and those involved in our Department of Justice that are making sure that law and order is in our land. That those who are corrupt whether they be in part of our government will b arrested and face prosecution and punishment they deserve as well as make reparation for the destruction of people’s rights and property. Lord, let the wealth of the wicked be placed in the hands of us who are willing to steward this wealth for the advancement of Your Kingdom and to care for the needy, the widow and h the orphan as Your Word Commands us to live and do!

Father, we repent of any words we have spoken that have been a negative influence in our lives and the lives of those we love. That we are here to proclaim: Truth is spoken and revered. Love like Your Son’s is our motive and the center of all we do! Healing for all those who have been wounded and abused! That those who dedicated their lives to search and rescue of those trapped in child trafficking and any other form of disappearance will continue to be led by the Holy Spirit to find the lost and bring them home to be loved and restored to their true value and worth as You see us and made us to be! Bring the Fire of Justice into the roots of this evil and those who have been a part of it so that they are exposed, deposed and face the end they deserve. If no repentance then we leave them in Your Hands

to bring about that which they must face as they Face You, Lord! Yes, they will judge themselves as they will clearly see the evil they have given themselves to and face the consequences of their free choice! You are a Just God! Either they revere You or deny You. Lord for us we proclaim You and are proud to be in Your Army to defend and spread the Kingdom of God in such a time as this! Amen and Alleluia!

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