Jan 24, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

With humble contrite hearts we approach Your Throne without defilement  because we are washed by the Blood of Yeshua our Messiah and Lord.  During this time with You, Father we seek Your Protection under the shadow of You Wing and that the Holy Angels be released to stop any advancement of the enemy.  That we are kept of off his radar and that all forms of distraction and disturbance be stopped.  That all chaos, confusion and other evil plots and plans  remain in the enemy’s camp. Thank You, Father for up lifting us to heavenly places to be one with Your Son in spirit and truth. That any action of the enemy against us, our families and our nation and our assemblies of worship be stopped and fall on the enemy’s camp and all of his followers.  We trust You, Father in hearing our prayer and answering us by Your Grace and Mercy!

Father, we seek special protection for President Trump, his wife and family and all who are truly working with him to fulfill the Agenda You have given him.  Let the enemy be scattered and that America will be safe and truly a nation under Your rule and a light to the nations that like with Israel there is no God like our God, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob who has sent His Son , Yeshua to be our Messiah and King.  Father that America under President Trump will be a nation ruled only by the Constitution and laws based on Justice as outlined in Your Sacred Scriptures.  Lord, that America will be rebuilt and restored in our day to be Light to the world it has been destined to be and to be in a position to always be a protector and defender of the land of Israel as You have re-established it as prophesied long ago.  That we will be blessed because we bless Israel and under President Trump have recognized that Jerusalem is its capital and that he be given the wisdom to not allow the land to be divided  or loose sight of Your Plans and destiny for this sacred land.

Father, our concern in our day is the protection of our southern border and the stopping of drug and sex trafficking and all other forms of evil crossing into our land.  Lord, as You directed Nehemiah of old to secure the wall around Jerusalem in his day may that be true for us: A Wall to keep the enemy out and the people safe!  Lord as You gave the people in Nehemiah’s time may we rise up and do all that we can to support and voice that the Wall be built and finished in the proper time so that enemy be thwarted and scattered! Lord intervene with those who are blocking the proper protection and the proper laws for true immigration in regard to the Wall.  Lord just as there is a Wall in Israel that has protected their people against attacks of the enemy, let it be true for us in America. For that matter all nations who are rising up as sovereign nations to safe guard their people let it be done!

Lord, that the foolish debate and lies perpetrated by the enemies of America abroad as well as within our land be stopped.  Let those who are blocking the proper funding and support needed be set aside and either cooperate or be seen as those bent on destruction of America.  That then America will truly voice that the Wall will be built and we support it now to protect America and stop the flow of all that is illegal and harmful to our people and our youth and future generations.

Lord we seek a protective wall even around our assemblies of true worship of You, Father.  That Your people who are called by You will rise up to an awareness that restoration is now due in the House of the Lord.  That Your people will see we are the church and that we deserve true shepherd who are truly in the in the image of Your Son and are willing to sacrifice themselves for their flocks and not dictated by money and the glory of this world.  That we will have leaders who like Christ are signs of dying to self and picking up the cross and following you.  That we will have new wine skins for the New Wine You are pouring out on us in this time.  That the condemnation is on the forms of church that are under the god of Baal and not under the headship of Jesus Christ.  That we may see  this more clearly and with our voices proclaim that is so only Jesus Christ is Lord of the assemblies of our worship and there is no other God like our God that reins over our land!

Thank You, Father for calling us together in this very hour to proclaim Your Protection and that we are following our True Shepherd Jesus Christ!  That our nation is a nation under Your Reign in the Kingdom You have established.  Thank You Lord for choosing us to be a part of Your Army to win victories in Your Name and to take back all that has been stolen and to keep the territory until You Come!  We pray this in Yeshua’s Name Amen!

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