Feb 8, 2021

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You in the words of the Psalmist in Your Holy Word: we will not follow the wicked ones nor be jealous of their wealth. We know that they are not better than we are. Their lives will be short-lived success! And it will soon shrivel and quickly fade away like grass clippings in the sun! We will keep doing what is right in Your eyes Father. We have fixed our hearts on Your Promises and so we will be secure because of our faithfulness to You!

God You are our delight and pleasure of our life because You protect us and overshadow us from our enemies. You have promised to give us what we desire most: to be one with You and in peace and harmony with one another especially in this time when we have been cheated out of what we have chosen and that is to follow Your anointed to be led by President Trump!

But we believe and trust You will manifest Your Justice in righteousness by bringing into the battle those who will overturn the cheating, the lying and the deceiving of the enemy and those who have chosen darkness over Light and death over Life. Father this nation has clearly shown that we want what You have Promised because we have overwhelming voted to re-elect President Trump, Father You will recognize the 80 million that voted for him in the days ahead. We do trust You that what You Promise You Keep!

Father, our hearts are quiet in Your Presence and we lift our prayers to You as Your Son, has taught us to have Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We know that the wicked are not better off than we are., for one day soon they will be destroyed and their arrogance and pride will be put to shame. Their nakedness will expose their shame and will be a sign of how dark they have chosen to be accepting and telling us that lies and deceit is the true way, when in reality it answers what it is said in Romans the wages of sin is death. We will see it manifest in the days ahead that even physical death will be a sign of your Justice for those who have been treasonous and betrayed us to make their selfishness more important than the peace and harmony of Your people in America and in other nations where Your People cry out for Justice and righteousness!

We can let the wicked keep plotting against us who are Your chosen one with all their sneers and arrogant jeers for we know You God, do not loose any sleep over them for Your Plans are already unfolding in our day!

Father the evil ones take aim at the poor and helpless and plan to slaughter us who do right, but You Lord will turn their weapons of wickedness on themselves so that it pierces their pride-filled hearts until they are left helpless

and their wealth comes to naught and is given to us who will steward it according to Your Holy Way! For You Lord will give it all to Your blessed ones in the end and the cursed one will have nothing! Father, we know You take delight in us as we follow in Your Son, Yeshuah’s footsteps!

Lord we are happy for as we see You are the Savior of all who love You and are loyal to Your Torah/Commands. Even in our time of trouble You are our strength. Because of our Faith we please You and You Father give us deliverance in our time of need, for our Hope is in You and we have nothing to fear because Your loving kindness covers us now and forever! Amen It is so!

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