Feb 11, 2021

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Heavenly Father,

We gives You thanks and praise for Your Loving Kindness endures forever and we know
You give it to us because of what Yeshuah, Your Son has done for us! You have delivered our life from the wages of sin which is death! We are in the land of the living because of trust in You and our Faith in You pleases You! So Lord, we are confident that You hear us and that Your Plans for us will unfold in these days even though the enemy only taunts us with an evil report and continually speaks lies and causes those weak to falter, but Lord we know we can do all things in Christ Jesus for His is our strength and leads us against a defeated foe, for He has already broken the works of the devil and shows us the way to walk in these days of confusion and unrest. Lord we place our trust in You and know that the Promises You have made are the Promises You Keep!

Lord, we hate what You hate and love what You love. We walk away from lying and cheating which the enemy has done to make themselves look as if they are still in control. Lord we are appalled by the mockery that is taking place in our government and all those who are in charge of this sham. We know this is not what You have appointed for this time and we Your People have shown You by all our prayers and even our votes that we want Your anointed to remain our President and that the goodness he has done to continue to rule over us as a nation under Your Kingdom now and into the future!

Lord as Your prophetic voices have spoken we hold onto in Faith: there is a consequence for those who have proclaimed lies and who bear false witness. Lord, Your Mighty Hand is dealing with this mockery and we will see how You raise up the right man and woman who will challenge this travesty and will be Your instrument to stop it and bring it to a swift conclusion and put America back on the Plan You have for us. Raise up in us a Holy Fire of conviction that will be clearly spoken and acted upon in this day. We will not continue to be led by a lie no matter who has certified it and we will see all of this come to naught.

Continue to expose even those who wolves in sheep clothing and those whom we call in name only but are really betrayers and deceivers against all that we have considered sacred and holy about America our freedom and our ability to worship You and boldly speak Your Name wherever we are and in whatever we do in our work, our play and our home lives! We know You will win and those who are in alignment direct opposition to You will face their consequences for they have violated the oaths of their offices and have been selfish over the good of America! Not only here Lord, but also for all those who are united with us around the world to make men free and acknowledge You as the true God and Your Son, Yeshuah as our Savior and Lord!

Lord, as we start our prayer today and everyday we blow the trumpet to awaken those who are asleep or have been weakened that they have the spine to break off any witchcraft and intimidation that has compromised them. Lord raise up now those who are in offices of
leadership to be bold and courageous: let the weak say they are strong! Let the trumpet sound alert them to now is the time of deliverance by Your Mighty Hand! For Lord this a season of Kingdom demonstration and abundance as we march forward under our Command and guidance of Your Holy Spirit! Lord, we shall see as the prophet Joel has said; the mountains will drip with New Wine , the Hills shall flow with milk and a fountain shall flow from the House of the Lord! All of this will happen among us as You have covered us with Your Loving Kindness through Your Son, Yeshuah our Messiah and King now and forever! Amen!

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