Aug 22, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We ask Your protection as we gather herein our time of preparation for the war that rages around us with the enemy and his evil forces.   As we  are before You as Your Faithful Army of Warriors and Intercessors to do Your bidding in this day that You have given us through Yeshua, Your Son and our Redeemer block the enemy’s radar and scramble his communication in his own camp so that there will be and continue to be chaos and confusion among them.   Lord, that all of our communication with You and one another be open and free with out any technical or spiritual interference.  Lord that during this time You receive all worship, praise, honor and glory and that the enemy slithers away as all of his attempts at distracting or causing any harm be stopped for we know we our sacred ground and the air we breath is clean and pure because of Your Holy Spirit covering us and sealing us forever and ever.

Father today we come in repentance for any injustices we have caused in our lives, the lives of our families the lives of others and throughout the generations before us all the way back to Adam and Eve as they walked away from You and Your order.  Lord, we seek Justice to be returned and restored throughout our lives and the lives of the people of this nation, America.  That we be governed only by our Constitution and the proper laws that have been written to guide and rule over us that are based on Your Covenant with us as expressed in Your Sacred Documents…the Scriptures and that are based on the teachings and life of Yeshua!

Father, we intercede for President Trump that he be under Your Anointing  to appoint judges who will be righteous and trustworthy to bring right judgments for the people of America.  From the Supreme Court (Judge Kavanaugh) to all the other federal judges he is to appoint.  We intercede that the Process of Advice and Consent be fulfilled without delays of foolish dickering by those who are oppose the sacred trust that President Trump is doing his best to fulfill.

Lord, as Your prophet has said our justice system is under condemnation and to be over turned from all the bribery and political pressure and false justice that has been rendered in the past into a Justice system that is in Righteousness and Truth.  Lord, continue to expose all the corruption in our justice system that has led to false imprisonment and devastation in the lives of families and the false accusations and improper procedures due to bribery and political intrigue that  promotes right is wrong and wrong is right.  Lord we renounce this false system of injustice and beseech You to destroy from the top to the bottom all of these acts of injustice that are actions of our enemy.

Lord, we intercede for all the men and women who serve to truly fulfill justice in our courts and those who enforce the laws be protected.  Lord we lift up to you all of these who serve to bring Righteousness and Justice in our land. That they will reject any foreign laws like Sharia and other practices that are not truly American.  We intercede that Justice returns to our laws governing  immigration, and deportation and illegal voting and other abuses of our national treasure and also that all the drug trafficking, all the child trafficking and other evil attempts to over throw our way of life in America.  That law enforcement it able to apprehend  and prosecute all enemies foreign and domestic who try to destroy America, like the camp in New Mexico teaching children to kill one another and to destroy our life of brotherly love.

Lord, we call out that our people use the power of their vote to bring about elected officials who will live according to the Constitution and write laws that will be justice and true. Lord that true justice will bring about the destruction of false worship and the placing of idols of false gods on our sacred ground like the statue in Arkansas.  We intercede with them to bring this down now through the Blood of Yeshua.  Lord we declare and proclaim over America a true return to law and order as we originally established as a nation.  Thank You Lord for the changes that are taking place here in America due to repentance and prayer.  Thank You, Lord for making America a land of the Good News and as carriers of that Good News throughout the world.  Thank You for bringing our destiny as nation of the Kingdom to be in accord with Your plan for us.

Lord, by Your Holy Spirit seal us with the mark that sets us apart as Your children and protects us under the Shadow of Your Wings now and for all eternity in Yeshua’s Name. Amen!



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