Jul 11, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We place in Your Hands this holy gathering of the Strike Force of Prayer so that we are united in spirit and truth.  This time is sacred to us and so Lord we seek Your Protection of everyone on this call and all those who will hear our voices now and into the future!  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and scramble his frequencies and any effort made toward distracting us from our goal of bringing down his strongholds that he has erected in our land of America. 

Lord, let all the rebellion and iniquity and strife remain in the enemy’s camp.  All chaos, anxiety, confusion and unrest remain in his camp and may it self destruct in all of its evil plans and plots against us.  Thank You, Father for releasing Your Heavenly Host to protect us and help us pursue the enemy to drive him out of our government and the assemblies of Your Faithful!

Father, we know You are a Just God and that there is no deceit or falseness in You and that You abhor any strife or hatred in our midst.  Forgive us Lord for if we have in anyway been unjust with our brothers and sisters whether knowingly or unknowingly!  We stand together in Faith in Yeshuah to fight the good fight and be true defenders of Life and all that You deem holy and set apart for Your Holy Will to be done here on earth as it is heaven now and into all eternity!  What is sacred to You is sacred to us especially the Gift of Life Love and Light from You to be shared and spread to all You have placed in our charge to defend, mentor and guide into Your Kingdom!

Father, we know and experience through our repentance that You have opened so many doors and brought about a movement of the Holy Spirit that is prevailing in our land and around the world in our day.  More and more of the evil, the so-called deep state and all forms of evil control of Your creation is in the throes of death itself.

Lord we are not here in fear but in Faith that Your will is being fulfilled in our day and that we are not here to hide and wait for what fools say is being raptured out of here, we are here to spread the Kingdom and do not fear what the enemy says through the doom and gloomers, but we stand with a Great Hope and a future that is bright because of the prophetic words You have given us through the righteous men and women willing to be used by You to proclaim and decree the earth is Yours and Your Plan of goodness and life will be fulfilled in our day no matter what the struggles we face.  Thank You, Lord for giving us a strong Faith and keeping us in Your Strong Grip!

Father we seek special protection for President Trump his wife and family and all those who are diligently working with him to bring about restoration of America that You have place in his heart and all of us who are aligned with us.  Yes, We Your People are aligned because we honor and respect the anointing You placed on him and so many others that are the leaders now and into our future.  We know in our hearts and proclaim them with our lips that You have plans that healthy and well for our good not only for us but our children and our children’s children and through the timing that You have set for Your Son’s reign as King of Kings and Lord of lords into the future.  Praise You forever and ever!

Father, make us aware of the heritage that we have to speak out and proclaim our Faith here and to the nations.  We have a government founded on Your Sacred Scriptures as can be seen in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.   We are free to worship You and to be guided by Your Commands in any calling we have even if You have appointed us to work in any part of our government.  We proclaim that there is NO SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.  We are free to worship You and speak Your Name as free members of the United States of America!

Lord, continue to encourage and protect those who are exposing the evil and deception that has controlled us in our Judicial System.  Lord that judges who are corrupt and accept the bribe be brought down and that we continue to have judges that are righteous and rule according to the dictates of Justice and proper jurisdiction of authority.  They are judges not law makers.  Lord that each branch of our government is in proper order and works smoothly to keep us safe and secure in our land!

Lord we also put forth a shield of protection for all those who are called and serve as members of Law Enforcement whether it is a police officer or working as a border patrol agent and any other assigned office to serve and protect us and to rightfully stop all activity that is illegal and against the common good as our American tradition and heritage has always held.  Lord that Wisdom and Discernment be in their lives as they fulfill their duties!  Lord may they do what is right especially in moments of unrest and disturbance.  Thank You Lord for hearing our cry for Justice in our United States of America!

Father, we decree and declare Your Peace and Love rule in our hearts as we walk forth in this day and that we will see the Gory of the Lord all around.  We are confident because we come to You in the Name of Yeshuah and in unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

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