Aug 31, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We are here to intercede and continue to take territory in Your Name to move the Kingdom forward.  We are Your Servants willing to die to ourselves so that we bring Your Peace & Love into a dark world, especially where Your people may have lost hope or feel the pain of rejection and the hurt of being alone and not loved or not seeing their worth in Your Eyes!.  So Heavenly Father we seek Your Protection to unfold Your Plan for us today!  First, Lord keep the enemy’s radar and frequency jammed and unable to know what we are to do for You.  We place on our focus on Your Heart and what You speak into us.  Release Your Heavenly Host to stop the enemy from attempts to distract us from our mission of rescuing the lost! Keep us moving forward in Your Will so that we loose no territory we have gained and that our hope of victory is based on what Yeshua, Your Son has already overcome for us.  Lord we know we can stay the course because of the guidance of Your Holy Spirit.  For all things are possible with You.  We rejoice and give You praise for all that is happening as Your prophet has foretold to us and thank You for the anointed leaders You have assigned for this time of war! Your Army is victorious in Yeshua’s Name.

Father, we repent of anything in our lives that holds us back from advancing, we repent of those things in our past that hold us down like fear, anger, resentment, any guilt and shame from our past life of sin and even those things now of our fallen nature that slow us down or make us think we are not good enough.  We know we are new creatures and have been reborn because of Your Son, Yeshua our Savior and Lord!  Father correct our vision of ourselves and one another so that we walk in unity and brotherly love as You have destined us to live. You have made us more than conquerors!

Lord we can now say with boldness: greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.  We give You thanks and praise for it is true and we are chosen people to walk as Your Son walked filled with Love and to touch everyone walking with us on this journey!

Lord, we are here to continue the work of interceding for our nation and all that is happening to awaken us even more to bring down the strongholds built up by the deceivers and liars among us who have led us astray and brought us close to the brink of destruction of our great nation.  Now Lord we stand as Your Army here to defend and protect the greatness You have ordained us to walk in.

Lord, we intercede for all those who are grieving and wounded  by the loss of the lives of their loved ones both in their own family and the families of their neighbors.  We want to bring comfort to all the sorrowful especially like the family of Mollie in Iowa, the others who fell by violence in school shootings , in churches and even those who walk the streets in danger of the atmosphere around them, those who have been murdered by violence and drug trafficking, sexual perversion and abuse and all the hateful acts in our cities, towns and communities.

Father, we pray for all the cities & communities represented here on this call like Seattle, Chicago, New York, Birmingham, Raleigh , Baltimore, Dallas, St. Louis and so many more. Protect Your people  in these areas who walk by Faith and are trusting You to bring change, to bring law and order and relief from the misery that is around them.  Give those You have anointed to lead boldness to speak out and bring into action Justice by enforcing the just laws that are to govern us.  Lord continue to give strength to our President and all those who cooperate with him to make America a shining Light in this world!

Lord we give You all glory and Honor and praise in Yeshua’s Name. Amen!



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