Apr 10, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We say You are all we need in anything we face.  You have called us into Your Army to defend Your Kingdom to spread Your Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.  Thank You Father, for releasing Your Angles to dprotect us in the battle we wage to overcome the enemy and all that has been done against us especially here in America but also for Israel and all the nations who call out to You as the God of all Creation.  O Lord, these are wondrous time for we shall see Your Glory manifest in all the the turmoil that is cause by fear and evil workings of those who have used this virus as another means to overthrow Your Plan for us.   Lord we know that during these days as we celebrate the Passover as it was fulfilled by the death and Resurrection of Your Son we will see the Passover of this evil and like the Hebrew children of old we will not see it affect Your People that as Moses lifted up the serpent on the pole and those who saw it were healed.  We now too look to the Cross of Christ lifted up and by His Blood we will see the miraculous healing in our land and the clouds of destruction will be pierce and rent asunder by the Fire of the Light of Your Son in our day!

Father, we are here to use our shield of Faith to protect all of our loved ones and to rpotect the anointed President You have given us!  Heap special protection and blessings on all those who are willingly serving others through this time of health concerns.  Lord, that Your people will awaken to ways in which You have for us to naturally restore our bodies as You have placed healing in us in creation if only will follow Your plan and to cover each of us with the Blood of Your Son and be confident that what we have spoken will be done during this season.  O Lord strengthen us and keep us close to Your heart so that we will see Your Glory manifest in these days!  Your Will be done now and forever!

Lord we intercede for all those You have called to lead Your New outpouring of new Wine  in our day.  Lord that we will have men and women who are anointed by You to lead us to worship You in spirit and truth.  Lord, give us leaders of Your People who will be humble and contrite of heart before You so that they will hear Your voice in the prophetic voices of our day.  That they will lead not out of their ego but out of great and undying love of You, so that they can say with Paul: be imitators of me as I am of Christ!  In this time of separation let us see clearly hose who are wolves in sheep clothing and are more interested in the tithe and offering for themselves than to truly help the poor, the widow and the orphan.  Lord raise up those who have compassion for all the wounded especially now as President Trump is using men and women to rescue our children from sex trafficking and all the abuse and evil that has been hidden in the tunnels and caves in our land and across the earth!  Now is the time that the Hammer of Justice crush those who have been so selfish and greedy for power and might over the love that Your Son has shown us to live in.  Crush these evil ones who walk among us as proud servants of evil and act as if they are innocent.  Show them their shame and reveal how sick and evil they are! It is either repent or face the Judgment that is their due!

Father, in these days we call a Remembrance of Passover, a feast You gave the Hebrew children as sign of Your Promise to come, which has been fulfilled by Your Son, Jesus the Christ! That this will be a time of heartfelt worship of You and not just another ritual we blindly participate in.  But that this bez a time of truly being Thankful for all that has been accomplished when Your Son said as He gave up

His spirit: IT IS FINISHED! Yes, Lord the old is finished and now we have New Life, Abundant Life because Your Son is the first fruits of the Resurrection and even in this time when we are constantly hearing about ill health and death and all of the predictions of how bad it might be that in Faith we can say with Paul and all who have lived in Faith as we are now: Death where is your sting!  Yes in the Love of Your Son we have everlasting life.  We have nothing to fear for Your Perfect Love casts out all fear.  Praise , Glory and Honor and Thanksgiving be Your Father now and forever! Amen!

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