Dec 20, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You in a spirit of humility and repentance to make amends for the mistakes we  have made in bring President Trump to a moment of impeachment!  Lord Your prophet Kim Clement warned us of this day and now it is upon us.  But today we declare No impeachment will succeed we stand on Your Promise that when we repent You will heal our land!  So Lord we admit we have been foolish with our birth right as Americans to control our government.  We have foolishly set aside our vote and our voice to allow these elections to turn against us.  Lord now we are here to take up our duty to bring the change we are praying for.  Lord give us Wisdom in those we choose and support to be elected and represent us!  Lord this day is a sham and it is on us because we have run out of political correctness and fear and sloth to allow the liars and deceivers to have their way!  Lord now may their teeth be crushed by the stones they have thrown at our President and may their foolish shame be exposed before them and may we rise up in righteousness and let the Hammer of Justice fall on those who have been so weak to be more interested in selfish gain than in what is good for the American people.  Lord like the Israelites of old we have been warned keep the temple clean or we will see our land destroyed.  Now is the time Lord we rise up and say with Your Prophet: No Impeachment! Out with the evil ones and bring in the righteous ones!

Father we declare that our temple of the government to be cleansed as are we by the Blood of Yeshuah!  Lord as You drove out the money changers from the temple we too say to the money changers here!  You have our house into a house of thieves, but now more: Out now!  Lord we take upon ourselves the duties to reform our government by electing those who are truly anointed of You to bring us as a nation under You, God with Liberty and Justice for all!

Father, we declare a cleansing of the temple of our worship what we call churches that Your Poeple may rise up and bring in righteous men and women to lead us inprayer and worship of You!  That we will see those who are truly of a humble contrite heart lead us as we are told that we will have apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers filled and anointed of the Holy Spirit to lead us in spirit and truth.  Lord the only Gospel we want to hear is that which makes You Master and Lord over us for we have no king, but King Jesus!

Father, during these days as we reflect on what we call the Christmas season may we truly cleanse our temple to make the Light of You Love shine through us and pierce the darkness around us.  Lord that we will truly reflect on giving gifts of love and just gifts of manipulation or expectation but truly express our love!  Not to just reward someone which they may deserve but to truly give to one another because it expresses a heart of Love just as You, Father always love us.  You do not put expectations on us.  You ask us to freely love You as You freely love us!  O lord during these times may we learn that great lesson even in our brokenness that Love is what heals and delivers us into the peace and Joy You have destined us to love under now and for all eternity.

Father we declare protective love over all those who are weak and heavily burdened in this life those who are poor, those who are orphans, those who are widowed and alone!  We speak words of Comfort and Joy over all those whom have been abused in their life by words or deeds of perversion.  Lord we as men in Your Army declare over all women, whether they be wives, daughters or friends that Love and respect and honor that they deserve for they are made in Your Image.  Lord we reject the image of commercialism and want only the Image of You to burn in our hearts for them!  That we may walk together in spirit in truth to live as You have always wanted us to live in Your Kingdom now and forever!

Father we declare over all those who serve to protect our people whether in law enforcement or military or firemen or rescue or protective service from the White House to our house.  Lord give them the awareness they need to be just and fair in all they do to make America a land sacred and free in Jesus Name!  It is so! Amen!

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