Nov 17, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You with repentant hearts for any of the times we have foolishly neglected our duties as watchmen on the wall.  We know that many times we have neglected to speak up as one voice against important issues that have been brought to our attention: decisions like Roe v. Wade, homosexual marriage and other decisions that have affected our way of life in America.  Decisions we could have easily overturned by our influence and ability to protest the wrongful and shameful behavior of those who hold sway over us and made us return to the perversity that You have saved us from. In our repentance, Lord  we turn to You as our first love!  We are here now seeking Your Kingdom first and know You will bless us with more in Your Perfect Timing!

Lord, now through our repentance and Your Mercy and Forgiveness we take up our position as watchmen on the wall.  You have made us aware of the darkness that has pervaded America, all because we cower in fear and  living in an atmosphere of political correctness of don’t hurt anyone’s feeling with the Truth.  We have shirked our duty long enough!  Now, Lord You have raised up an Army of Prayer Warriors willing to take up our arms and defeat the enemy.  We are here to push back against the forces that our damaging our children, destroying our families, replacing love with hate and all that the enemy has placed on America. Lord You renew our strength in loving and serving Your Son, Yeshua, our Messiah, Lord of lords & King of Kings!

We proclaim and decree that America is a Kingdom Nation!  We are here to be used as instruments of the Good News.  We declare and proclaim as Your Prophets have spoken: se are here to win!  We are here as Your Army to overturn and over through all of the slaves of the enemy who have put together globalism, one word order, one world religion,one world government and all else that takes away man’s free will and holds mankind captive and want to destroy America and all the goodness it brings into the world.  Lord, You  release Your Heavenly Host to expose and destroy the wicked.  Bring down all those who align themselves with such evil.  Lord, bring down all those who align themselves with this evil and perverse approach.  To those who choose death over life! To those who choose perversion over righteousness.  We say: STOP Not one step further.  As Your prophet has said the systems are under condemnation.  That now in this time we see and be set apart to support and defend President Trump and al who are working with him to fulfill the Divine Agenda that You have given him to fulfill!

Lord, we stand firm together as Your Watchmen on the wall and now we warn others to look to You, repent and be a part of the Kingdom and Your Righteousness rule over us.  Lord You bring us victory in stopping the plots and schemes of those who have been in power too long!  We await the moments when the Hammer of Justice will strike down these criminals. To see them arrested and receive rightful judgment and punishment for these crimes and treasonous acts they have chosen to be a part of!

Lord You Protective Shield covers us and we have nothing to fear for You hold us in the Palm of Your Hands and You have washed us clean through Your Son, Yeshua and we are sealed in the bond of Love through Your Gift to us of the Holy Spirit.

Through our prayers we see You are moving here and around the world to bring change that separates the wheat from the chaff.  You are bringing about something that will shock the enemy.  The enemy thinking they have won back their power and gloating over their seeming victory: they will see the Hammer of Justice fall on them and they will suffer the consequences of their actions.  They will live in the chaos and confusion!

Lord, as Your watchmen we plead the Blood of Yeshua over Your sacred land of Israel and its people.  Lord, we sy no more 2 state solution.  No more giving up land for peace!  No more division of the land in any form.  We pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!  Thank You, Lord, that President Trump has said clearly by word and action that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.  Showing the world that we defend and assist Israel.  Just as Yeshua proclaimed  to Israel: Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand!  It is within us and we proclaim in unity we will defend, promote and help Israel to be according to Your Plan! As Your Prohet Kim Clement sang: Israel if Forever!

Lord we are here to proclaim protection over President Trump from all the plans and schemes of those who will try to bring him down through impeachment and other legal ploys to stop the progress he is making!  That they be exposed and the Hammer of Justice fall on them and all this will be nothing!!   As Your Army we believe and stand with Your Agenda for America!

We give You all the Glory, Honor, Praise and Thanksgiving for all that is taking place now and into the future as Your Kingdom spreads!  To You, Father all the Glory in the Name of Yeshua and in unity of the Holy Spirit! Amen!!



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