Jan 19, 2021

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You with confidence because we remember Your Ways in Your Word, our Scriptures. You have a way in our history that can never be forgotten nor can be denied. Your Words are true: the enemy is so small next to You, You laugh at Your enemies especially those who think they occupy their throne. These evil ones are ruled with pride and arrogance saying: No one can remove us, we are too powerful and it is all working out for us to rule and wipe out all that Your anointed has done. But You say, Lord Ha! We will see one throne after another will not just fall but be destroyed and turned into ash! These evil altars that are occupied by the Kingdom of Darkness will be destroyed and they will be rebuilt as altars of My Light to be occupied by those I choose to be Judges, Congressmen and women, governors, Mayors and anyone in leadership that is corrupt will be exposed one after the other will come to naught!

Father our eyes and focus is on You we are not looking at what they say in the news or other sources of information. It is You and You alone we are here to worship and follow! You are the source of life and all blessings we receive even in times of sadness and sorrow. You are always faithful to those who love You and You put Your protective Arm over us as You are now, so we are confident that what we will see happen will be a washing away of those corrupt and who are foolish to believe that they are stronger than You and have full power in this hour. Give us Holy Laughter in this hour in the the face of our enemy. We know we can sing Your Praises now and blow the trumpet in Zion for our God is acting now in our behalf and Your plans for Your anointed will succeed and be the true history we see being fulfilled in this hour!

Father, give us new pastors, new leaders in our assemblies and fellowships. Those who have turned against Your anointed and tell us to surrender to the tyranny of the enemy will themselves be fooled and lie in the dust as we march to Your New Wine being poured out in this hour! Those who have lied and deceived us will loose all they have and be left in shame and humiliation that will be a sign to them it is repent now before it is to late for we know Your Judgment is set! Alleluia!

So Lord, we bring to Your altar this Prayer to Remove the Occult Shield of Protection that the enemy is using to feel strong and that they are winning! Lord God Almighty, You are the Lord of the Armies of Heaven, we thank You for the power of the Blood of Yeshuah/Jesus over all witchcraft and all vexes, hexes and other occult practices of the those who worship Satan. We come before You, Father covered by the blood of Jesus, Your Son and proclaim over the world wide systems of evil seeking to take control of America and other nations, especially Israel. That these evil systems be smashed and destroyed by Your Might and Power now and forever!

Let the occult shields of protection be taken away from everyone involved in theft, fraud and corruption, especially all forms that have been used to steal the election from We the People of America! May their occult shields of protection no longer be able to hide them from being exposed by the Light or face the Hammer of Justice!

Let witchcraft manipulation be brought to an end in and over Congress, the Senate, the White House, the Supreme Court, the FBI, the CIA, the Department of Justice and over any state executives, courts and legislatures and over election integrity. That from this day forward we are set free by the Blood of Yeshuah/Jesus and we are returned to the Covenant America has with with You, Lord! For whom the Son sets free is free indeed. The curse is off of us and remains in the enemy camp and Your anointed arises to continue to lead us according to Your Holy Plan!

As Joshua and Caleb proclaimed to the Hebrews who were intimidated by the giants, we say to all those who are being intimidated by today’s giants: do not rebel against the Lord. And do not be afraid of the people of the land, because we will devour them. Their protection is gone! Their protection is gone, but the Lord is with us. Do not be afraid of them for greater is He who is in us and than he that is in their world! We proclaim Victory in the Mighty Name of Jesus! Amen and it is so!

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