Feb 25, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You with a humble contrite spirit for without the covering of the Blood of Your Son Jesus the Christ we would not be able to be in Your Presence,  But what is so awesome is now we are able to be in the courts of heaven because of Him and what he has already done for us.  O Father, we give You thanks and praise for we are Your family and we can trust You beyond measure for You Loving kindness is wrapped around us and so now we are clothed in the robe of righteousness so we are a new creation and all of the past has been washed away.  Father because of Jesus the Christ we are able to stand before you without guilt or shame or embarrassment or condemnation for our past for as You have said our sin is in the deepest part of the sea of forgetfulness and only fools go there to fish it up.  Thank You for Your Justice and mercy that rules over us now and into eternity!

Father in our day we want Justice and Mercy to rule in America and in every nation that calls upon You, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob who sent your Son, Jesus the Christ as our Lord and Savior!  Lord, Your kingdom is built on Justice, a Justice that protects the innocent and the sinner who has repented and taken on the mind of Christ Jesus!  A Justice that is base on Your Commands to treat one another with love, honor and respect!  A Justice that rights wrongs and overturns any unjust ruling  whether it be in a court or a law that is not in align with Your Word.  Lord we seek Justice that as our founding fathers and mothers stated it must be based on Your Laws and in accord with what Your Son has done for us to make us a Christian nation to worship You in spirit and truth.  There is no other god or idol like You and so we reject any thing that has been made an idol or god in our land!  We stand for Life, life for all the unborn and all who walk in our land whether they be young or old, wise or ignorant, weak or strong but always worthy because of the love of Your Son poured out on us!

Father, we shun a legalistic outlook that places a burden on us to follow Your Commands as well as liberal point of view that says anything goes. Lord our submission to You and those in proper authority to rule is a surrender of ourselves.  Not our will but Your will be done!  Let You Holy Spirit pour forth Wisdom upon us to reveal all truth so we can discern and decide to judge rightly that which is of You and which is of the enemy found in our heart so what we speak and do is for your Glory and makes the kingdom spread and reign over all men!

Father, continue to bless president Trump his wife and family and all who are a part of his true friends and those who serve to make Your Will be done in America as You have planned! Lord that he is protected in all of his journeys and stand before other nations to spread the good news that old evil empire is crumbling and dying as it falls under the Hammer of Justice as Your Laws rule over us and make us Your Family and that You will dwell with us now and for all eternity! Lord we can only imagine what our life will be but Your plan for us is one of goodness and greatness as we see Your glory displayed here in America, in Israel and other nations who look to You as the God is true God and never lies or deceives us, for Your ways are right and true!  Father we are so happy to call You ABBA and know You are a great and Mighty God but You listen to us in tenderness and Mercy as child is nurtured by his loving mother!  Lord the intimacy You have for us is real and true and unlike the Israelites of old who ran from Your holy Mountain we draw closer to You even in this moment as we are gathered here on this call and every moment we think of Your and give our heart to you so that our hearts are united and You give us a peace and understanding that we can find nowhere in this world but only in the Palms of Your Hands!  Thank You Father for this great and awesome privilege!

Father, we seek a continued effort here in America to bring Justice and mercy into our judicial system that those who are false judges be taken from the bench and only those who will judge according to the rule of law and order be appointed and elected as our judges.  Lord that each of us learns the Constitution and about the covenant You have established with us since we were founded! Lord that more and more of the followers of Jesus the Christ will take up their civic duty as citizens of the United States of America to pray, voice and vote and act to do our part in making our nation a nation of the Kingdom and to be a part of the harvest You have begun! Thank You, Father, for we bring all our prayers and intercession ot You in the name of Your Son, Jesus the Christ! Amen!

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