Oct 3, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

You are our strength! We place all of our trust in You for You are our rock, our buckler and our shield! We call on You, Lord, for You are worthy of our praise and and You protect us and help us conquer our enemies! Lord at this time there is much lawlessness in our land, even to the extreme of cursing Your Son’s Name and showing disrespect to You and Your plans for us. Father in the Name of Jesus/Yeshuah we rebuke this hatred and proclaim that Jesus is Lord and we have no other King than Him! Lord there are many in the land who are being distressed by these lawless ones, let Your Holy Spirit cover them with Calmness and Peace. Lord release Your Holy Angels to defen us in this battle and to roam our streets to overcome the enemy and that those who serve us in law enforcement will themselves be protected and move forward without fear to separate those intent to kill, steal and destroy will be captured and stopped in their attempts and be brought to Justice!

Lord in this time we pray for the swift approval of Amy Coney Barret as a Justice to the Supreme Court. May all those who bring up false witness, slander and detestable lies be caught in their web of hate and may it choke off the very breath they breathe! Lord have those who are in charge of these proceedings remain strong in their authority to rule properly and stop any resistance that is degrading and detestable to be stricken from the record and truth and fairness prevail. Lord, we pray that this woman deemed righteous be placed on the Court so that we will have the reverse of the curse of Roe v. Wade that is on our land. The blood of the innocent cries out for Justice! We hear in our hearts and so we pray that this appointment becomes the balance that tips the scales of Justice to stop the bloodshed of our innocent gifts of life that You have bestowed on us as part of Your command to increase and multiply! Lord that the womb of woman will be come a sacred place again and that any child will be seen as a blessing! That all women will be respected and regarded as sacred vessels of Your Love and the true helpmate of man. That the sacredness of that relationship of man and woman will again be the standard by which we all live in harmony with Your Command and Your Plan for us!

Lord, we seek special protection of the workings of President Trump and His administration to ensure that our vote is clear of all fraud and detestable sneaky cheating like vote tampering and and harvesting of votes. Lord on this first day of October make us Your People the October surprise for we will arise and do our civic duty properly and as citizens of Your Kingdom cast our vote for the one You have anointed for such a time as this. Lord awaken our people in America that there is a clear choice between light and darkness in our voting! Lord make us true citizens of Your Kingdom here on earth right here in America! Lord this is the time for the wave of the tsunami to build and make those who are enemies to shake for the what is to happen will definitely separate the Your sheep from the goats. Lord thank You for making the Strike Force of Prayer a division of Your Army that defends and spreads the Kingdom. Lord we are in it to win and by Your Grace and power we will see what the prophets of our day are saying Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

Father release You Holy Fire to consume and bring to ashes like You did in Sodom and Gomorah all the perversion that has been allowed to exist in our land. Lord, we seek the freeing of all the innocent men, women and children that have been captured and place in the trafficking in the darkness. Lord let You Light shine brightly in these dark places, caves, tunnels and coves of abomination so we an send in those who bravely face these dangers to rescue the innocent and restore

them to their families and those who nurture and bind up their wounds with Healing Touch of Yeshuah and we will see the miracles that You have planned for us because we are here to follow Your Torah, that Your Son fulfilled and showed us it is a yoke easy to bear and follow in His steps! Lord use us to fulfill what You have written in our books to fulfill now and for all eternity! Amen it is so!

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