Jul 1, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We come in position of repentance and an open heart to do and follow Your Commands so that our land of America will be set free from all the evil intent of the enemy.  We are here Lord to intercede especially for those who feel weak and battle weary or fatigued.  Lord we are here to raise Your Banner High and to embrace those who feel weak and abandoned that there is a Hope and that Victory is ours because You are Faithful and True. 

Father, we are here to do our part, when we pray and act on Faith believing to fulfill what the prophetic word by Mark Taylor has been spoken that it will come to pass and we will see You get all the Glory for the miraculous way in which You use us and the circumstances around us to make straight that which is crooked.  We will see the healing in our land! Father, You have shown us that the systems of evil and injustice will collapse and be brought down.  We are seeing it Lord in all those who are leaving what we call churches because of the lies, the deceit and hidden sin that is being exposed. 

At the same time, You are raising up ways to save and heal Your people searching for the Truth.  We seek protection and favor upon the development of the home congregation.  Bless Russ Wagner and his team who are willing to help in the movement and development of home gatherings and congregations! Lord even bring more who are willing to lead and share their faith through these gatherings You are encouraging!  Lord that we will see more and more of the exposure of those who are wolves in sheep clothing.  That those who spread a false Gospel of prosperity and riches be exposed and that the True Gospel of Your Son and His Life be spread in our land!  Lord that we will proclaim Your Name throughout the earth! 

That we will truly live in sacrifice and willingness to serve others as You have served and given to us! Father, continue to renew and cleanse our Justice system getting rid of those who are corrupt and bringing forth those who are righteous and are willing to decide in cases and rulings of law with fairness, mercy and justice.  That just as the courts of heaven rule in our favor to break the bondage of Satan upon us so too we will see Your people be set free from injustice, false accusations, gossip and slander.  Lord we know we are not 100% perfect all the time but because we walk by Faith You see us in Light of what Your Son has done for us! Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.  We are now clothed in the robe of His Righteousness. 

Thank You Lord! Lord, we seek the continued protection of President Trump as a true anointed leader here in America and around the world!  Give him the Wisdom and the strategies he needs to outsmart and overcome our enemies both here at home and abroad!  Lord put those who mock and ridicule what he is doing to shame.  Lord, You have said do not mess with Your anointed, so Lord strike down those who will not listen and are in rebellion against what You are bringing to pass through him and all those You have raised up at this time.  Lord we repent of any backbiting or foolish criticisms we have made and want to speak only words of encouragement and support!  You have told us that there is power in our tongue so we are here Lord to speak only the Truth and those words that will build up the Faith Hope and Love of our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus!

Lord bless and encourage all those who are truly committed to expose the truth and reveal to us that which has been hidden and that which has deceived us for such a long time.  Thank You for these men and women who sacrifice so that the Truth is revealed!  Lord that we will have the spirit of discernment to listen and tell the difference between the Truth and a lie! Father, we are so grateful for the gift of the Holy Spirit whom we can trust to reveal to us all truth and trust Him in all we do.  Lord we do not want to be anywhere that He is not present or that He tells us not to go or do!  Father protect us from all the wiles and attacks of the enemies as we make warfare against him and his force.  But with You Lord all things are possible and Your Heavenly Host is here to protect us and assist us in our daily battle.  Thank You, Father for loving us so much!  We trust You and honor You with our whole being in Yeshuah’s Name Amen!

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