Nov 25, 2020

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Heavenly Father

The words of a song come to mind: we can only imagine what it will be like to stand in Your Presence and to be in Your Glory for how awesome You are that You have created us in Your Image and You have loving kindness towards us for we are here because o what Your Son, Yeshuah has done for us. Father in these moments let the Fire of Your Love burn within us to make us one with one another and be in harmony with Your Heart and be one to fulfill Your Holy Will for us in this day. Lord, on this day in history You gave one of our leaders Abraham Lincoln words brought us together then because of a civil war our nation was torn apart in. Brother fighting brother over a division that had cursed our nation: slavery. Now Lord we are in a spiritual struggle to set us free from the slavery that has cursed our nation again that of the pouring out of innocent blood of our children and a division caused because of the choice of death over life. Even now we are here Lord to intercede because of the deceit and the lies and treachery of those who have risen up against Your anointed for our nation. So Lord we call out that the Fire of Your Love consume us to be bold and courageous in this hour to bring about Justice and truth to make our nation one under You O Lord and that we are re-set to be a nation that is a nation that honors Your Son, Jesus the Christ and we are here to destroy the altars, the idols and temples of evil set upon us by the spirit of Jezebel and the following of the false god Baal. Lord let Your Fire consume our enemies and turn to ashes all that is not of You in this land!

Father, let Your Holy Fire inspire all those who are here to bring Justice to our nation to be determine that nothing can stop them from revealing the truth about our vote and the lies and cheating that has taken place. That we will see a restoration of our voting system. That no liar or anyone who has in anyway promoted death especially to our

children in the womb will have any office of leadership. Lord Your people have spoken very clearly so do not allow this sham to continue! Let Your Holy Fire consume our enemies and make a way for us when it looks as if the enemy is goi9ng to win. But in our hearts of Faith we know that this not to be. We have spoken clearly in our prayer and in our action to vote that we want a man You have chosen to lead us in this day! Lord that serpents who have done this will be crushed and we will see them be driven from the land! Just as You were with the children of Israel when they entered the Promised land to drive out the enemy and bring down the walls of Jericho let us see it now as we see good men and women like President Trump’s legal team reveal the truth and expose the enemy. May the courts of our land decide in Justice and Truth that whom the people have over whelmingly selected to be their President be so!

Lord God let Your Holy Fire burn in our midst that those who call themselves ministers of Your Word but are nothing more that wolves in sheep clothing be exposed and driven from our assemblies of worship. Lord let Your Holy Fire purify our worship, purify our lips to speak only what You have Commanded us to do in following Your Son, Yeshuah! Let Your Holy Fire purify us so that we will walk in harmony in our marriages, our families, our neighborhoods and in helping one another in any moment of need or understanding. Lord let the Fire of Your Love consume us now and make us one as You are one with Your Son and the Holy Spirit now and forever! Amen It is so!

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