Dec 6, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

With repentance in our heart and on our lips we seek forgiveness for any defilement we have allowed to cover us in any way either knowingly or unknowingly that hinders are true worship of You and hinders our service to others in Your Name.  In these moments with You now remove us off the enemy’s radar. Keep us hidden from the vision of those who are aligned with the enemy so that any schemes, plans or plots come to nothing.  That the enemy will be totally surprised by what is in store for them because of their lying, cheating and destructive ways here in America.  Keep chaos, confusion, anxiety and division in their camp.  We trust in You Father, for we know that there is no God like our God and no god has power and authority as our God does!  Victory is our because of You!  Thank You for making us a part of Your Kingdom Army.  Thank You, Father for protecting and strengthening us in the war we are waging to restore America and rekindle in us the fire of freedom in Christ Jesus and the renewal of the sacred plan You have for America and the land of Israel and its people.

Father, we cry out not for revival but for restoration.  The assembly of believers (the church) is not dead, but weak and in a stupored state.  Restore us to our first love and the original plan You have for us to live by Your Word and to be disciples of men to make us a holy nation, a people set apart, a royal priesthood and living stones on which to build Your Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.  It is all because of Your Great Love for us even when we were still sinners and living in darkness that You sent the Light of Your Son to rescue us and make us a new creation for this we give You all the glory, honor and praise and thanksgiving now and forever.  Allow us never to forget  what You have done.

Father, we are children of Your Light and so we seek the convicting power of the Holy Spirit shine the Light in those areas of our life we need to change and purify from all defilement.  We know we are washed clean by the Blood of Yeshua as soon as we repent and turn our selves into the Light!  Let this Light pierce the darkness now!  Because we are Your disciples we can shine the Light before all men and spread the Good New of the Kingdom all across the land and around the world!

Lord, let Your Light continue to pierce the darkness that surround our nation especially in our government and any who are leaders through power and might not in the spirit.  Inspire and protect President Trump and all those who are in one accord with him to bring America back to what we were meant to always be a shining Light on the Hill!  We need restoration to our true foundation of  America as a land of the free and the home of the brave.  Lord, during this month of December expose even more intently the deception and lies of those who have been treasonous to America.  That as Your prophet has spoken 2 will be take and 3 will be shaken, that the Supreme Court will be shaken, that the old systems are condemned and to be destroyed.  That the Hammer of Justice will smash the old and bring in the new.  That the Bell of Freedom will ring loudly and awaken America and its people.

Father bring Light into the darkness found in our assemblies(churches).  Reveal all the sneaky lies and deceptive teachings that have hindered Your People from being who they truly are in Christ Jesus!  Raise up bold leaders who are willing to die to themselves to nourish the flock they are to tend and disciple.  Father we cry out for restoration in our assemblies, our nation and its people!  Continue to bless us in our efforts  as Your Army to be watchmen on the wall to awaken our people and point the direction we are to go!

Through the Fire of love of the Holy Spirit kindle in us the desire and willingness to be Light!  Kindle in us the fire to ignite others to awaken to our call as Your Kingdom Army so that Justice will prevail and that the enemy is driven off our land and even beneath our land. That we are here to do Your Will now and forever!  In Yeshua’s Name. Amen!



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