Dec 21, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We come humbly before You for we know all that we are and all that we have is a gift from You! No matter what the circumstances maybe we know we are Yours and we are under the shadow of Your Wings. As Your Son spoke to us: do not fear those who persecute you for there is nothing which has been concealed which will not be revealed and no secret which will not be known. What I am saying to you is now say everything in the light and proclaim it on the roof tops.. Do not be afraid of those who kill the body, but they are not able to kill eternal life, but only fear the One able to destroy life and body. You are worth more than many sparrows.! We have nothing to fear in these moments of unrest that we are in for You will never leave us or forsake us and You bring about good things even when all looks lost and uncertain! Even in our weakness we are made strong for we are here for such a time as this to fight for Your Kingdom and to see it continue to spread across America and into Israel and across the earth. Lord, this is a marvelous time of Light and there is so much that is happening now and that will change the course of history with a future that is filled with Hope and harmony among those who are Yours now and forever!

Father with boldness we proclaim that this “stealing of the vote” will stop and all those who have been behind it will be brought before the Hammer of Justice! Father no one can steal the anointing You have placed on President Trump and we have clearly shown You that we are in agreement with You by the landslide vote that happened. Lord, continue to expose the treachery of those who do not want what You want. We thank You,Father that You have given us such bold defenders of the truth like Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis, Rudy Giuliani, and all others both known and unknown who are bringing into the light all that was done in darkness and now we hear it shouted from the roof tops the truth. We know Lord that this is going to happen President Trump will be our leader for 4 more years. Just as the Feast of Lights is to be a time of rejoicing so we rejoice before Your altar for what You said would come to pass is happening now during these very days. Praise Your Holy Name for our hearts are filled with Thanksgiving and trust of You for You are our God who will never lie or leave us or forsake us!

We are grateful for the authority You Son has given us to defeat our enemy. So in His Name we bind all the demonic spirits who control those who are a part of this effort to over throw America. Let each of them face the shame they are in and either repent or be punished justly for the evil that they have brought upon us. We are free from it all for we are covered by the Blood of Your Son and we are here to serve You and fulfill Your Holy Will now and forever!

Father release the Healing Balm from Your Son to touch all those who are infirm or suffering from this China virus and the repercussions of it in anyway that they be healed and restored to full health. Lord we bring to You all of those we love and serve to be healed and restored to fullness of life. That even in this time we are together now that each of us feel the Healing Presence in us restoring us to full strength. That we arise in Divine Health and all of this pandemic is washed off us and America is free from this evil plot from hell! That Your Healing Love touches all around the world that are calling on You to release them from this scheme of the enemy to control us! We are free in Your Son, Yeshuah and whom He sets free is free indeed! Amen! It is so!

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