Oct 26, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

During this time we are with You we seek Your protection with Warrior Angels all around us to shelter us from the attacks of the enemy, that his frequency is scrambled and his radar is jammed so that all that we hear from You will be clear to us and we will stand firm in our Faith that pleases You! Lord, we want to see as You see! To hear Your Word to us and to act upon it to spread Your Kingdom here in America and around the earth especially in those nations who are joining this Army to fight the good fight and be a part of Your Victorious Plan for us. We are not doom and gloomers but warriors filled with Faith knowing that what You have Promised is coming to pass in our day because of repentance and giving our will up to be one with Your Will.

Lord in this time of a spiritual civil war going on in America we stand firmly with You and the anointed leadership You have given us in President Trump and the righteous men and women who stand with him and are instruments of bringing Justice & Truth in our Life! Father, we seek a shield of Protection around President Trump in all that he does to bring Peace into our Nation and protect us from the enemy both here in our land and around the world. We are thankful that You give him Wisdom and sharpness of tongue and boldness of heart to face the challenges before him. Lord we are thankful that You have groomed him to speak out in the face of the enemy and proclaim that we are a Christian nation and we promote life here and wherever we are called to help others in their struggle for freedom and stop the tyranny of globalists and all of the efforts to bring America down and raise up a one world government and religion and all the forms of control and captivity that has been planned and been brought into existence. Lord continue to expose those who are liars, deceivers and betrayers so that we can take up our duty to use the power of our Voice & Vote to oust these enemies from any seat of power they may have stolen or connived to obtain. That we will see even in this very time of tension that they face the Justice they deserve. Thank You Lord for Justice served!

Father we seek to bring our assemblies or what we call churches under complete cleansing from all those who have led us blindly into a distortion of what even Your Scriptures mean and show us. Lord that the true shepherds arise even more quickly so that we will worship You in spirit and truth. Lord we know You want us to prosper according to Your plan for us so that we might share the Gospel and mentor others to be true disciples that serve without murmuring, gossiping, backbiting, ridiculing or using a spirit of religion to judge one another. Lord we want the mind of Christ Jesus to see others in love and to be overwhelmed as He was with love to even sacrifice for others as He did for us! Lord we have so much to learn but we are so grateful that You are patient with us and yet Your Holy Spirit leads swiftly to accomplish that which You have written in our book to fulfill and we are destined to be! Thank You for the righteous men and women You have anointed to lead us in such a time as this! Bless them and protect them to fulfill bringing about healing and comfort to all who have been harmed by the evil of the perversion of sex and all forms of abuse, especially our children. Lord we are so grateful that we see men and women who make sacrifices to make right that which has been wrong. Thank You Lord for a man like Governor Abbot of Texas who steps in to see the injustice and absurdity of this transgenderism being brought to bear on an innocent 7 year old boy. O Lord there is so much of this abomination in our land. We say Enough of this insanity we proclaim proper love and respect for creation as You have made us man and woman. O Lord are minds are so corrupt to even think in these terms and to teach this and bring this into the innocent life of children! Lord let all those who promote this wickedness face the judgment they deserve and let the rot be their reward! As You have warned us make sure we do not side with the wicked for we will reap the same reward of judgment. Lord thank You for giving us Wisdom and boldness of Faith to speak out and do the actions You put in our spirit to bring about in this day! Lord we know that the power of prayer in the spirit will bring about actions in the natural that is turning things around here in America and across the earth. We know You listen to us and answer our prayer for we make it in the name of Yeshuah Your Son and our Savior! Let Resurrection Power from the Holy Spirit rule this day! Amen and so it is!

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