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Heavenly father,

we come as repentant children seeking your loving guidance in our battle with the enemy.  Lord, take us off the enemy’s radar.  Protect us under the shadow of your wings so that none of the enemy’s tactics will stop us from fulfilling your will to firm up the establishing of your kingdom here in America and those who will align with us around the world.

You are a god of sudden surprises!  When your son, Yeshua/Jesus came all were surprised for suddenly in one day our sins were forgiven and we were re-united  back into your family! And with the gift of the holy spirit we are sealed and drawn to you!

Father, we look to the sudden changes you are bringing to America!  Suddenly you gave us a man you anointed to lead this nation and to make changes that helps every man woman and child to live a freer and protected life we praise you for the victory you give us.  We are here to declare and proclaim protection for our president, his family and all those that you want in roles of leadership and authentic

Anointed roles of leadership from the highest to the lowest positions in governing America.  It was so sudden that many were not aware of how you will suddenly change America!

Lord, we continue to pray for your sudden acts of change in every part of our life, our government, our culture and all that we hold dear and we entrust it all to you!

Lord, we pray for sudden change in every state of our union as more and more awaken to the power and authority you gave us through Yeshua/Jesus so that we can be united in prayer! United in voice and united in vote!  Suddenly we see those who have lived a life of corruption, deceit and deception as it is revealed, and they will not be able to hide from the truth and they will be unable to continue to hold power over our nation and its people!

Suddenly we see your hand in every area of our life as we lift up our prayer to you.  We will suddenly see miracles before our eyes, even as they are unfolding now!

Suddenly there will be healing in body , mind -soul &  spirit for all of your disciples and loyal warriors of your kingdom army!

Suddenly we will see the transfer of wealth into the hands of those who will use it for the spreading of your kingdom in our signs of loving and giving to the widow, the orphan and all of our brothers and sisters in need and who are searching for you in their lives!

Suddenly we will see repentance in the hearts of those of our families who have been walking in darkness, but now will see the light of your son, Yeshua/Jesus! As Isaiah your prophet said long ago: your light shines in the darkness!  Thank you, father for your tender mercy and your fatherly ways over your children we give you glory, honor and praise!

Now lord seal the prayers of my brothers and sisters as they mention them now in this prayer circle !  Amen!

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