May 23, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

Today, let us walk through the Halls of Justice and Your Court Room so that we have confidence in all we bring before you for America and the nations You place on hearts to uplift and pray and intercede for.  Lord we are confident that You keep us off the enemy’s radar and that his influence and distractions are limited to his own camp as we are protected by Your Warrior angels as they watch over us and we know that there are more of us than them.  We stand firm on the battle line and we follow Your Orders to march forth to take back that which has been stolen and all the more besides.  For the enemy will return everything sevenfold and we will see the transfer of the wealth of the wicked to us You have chosen.  We promise to steward it well and to give as You Command.

Father we are grafted into your vine and are here because of Your Son’s sacrifice to make us one in the spirit and one in Faith!  Lord, we are confident because we are in the vine and so we have nothing to fear for we fight a defeated foe.  We hear the screams of the enemy in our day because they are on the run and they see the chaos and division and depression happening in their own camp because they do not serve the God we serve; God is Lord and Creator of all!

Lord we are grateful for the leadership You have given us in President Trump, we cover him with our shield of Faith in prayer and seek Your Wisdom and Guidance for him and all of his family and all who are aligned with him.  Lord, you have made him the vine dresser for our nation.  Let him continue to wield Justice and Righteousness in what he is doing for America, especially letting the pruning and trimming of all that is false and binding of us be brought to the fire.  May we not be fearful but courageous in our support and actions to ensure Your Will is done here and in every nation of the earth.

Lord, we are especially praying for Your movement in England today as these people vote and show the strength to take back that which has been stolen from them to be free and a nation of Your Kingdom.  Lord that a fresh move of the Spirit blow across their nation and restore true Faith in You through Jesus Christ our Lord!

Lord, we know that the pruning we see going on here and other parts of the world are a sign of Your judgment against systems that are under condemnation and will no longer keep Your people captive!  Bless those who are carrying the load to prune and trim away all of the debris of unfair and unconstitutional laws and decrees that are not in line with Your Holy plan for us. Lord, give wisdom to all the judges that President Trump has appointed to truly decide in favor of righteousness and fairness for all Americans.  Lord, we want our courts and legal system to be a reflection of Your Heavenly Court.  We know that if we are aware of Your Word in our lives this will bring about what we seek here in America.

We are grateful for the new wine that You are giving us in this day.  A wine that is of the Holy Spirit and we are now preparing to share with others as we pray, voice the truth and act by giving to others that which You have given us in the ways You want us to do.  Lord, continue to bless all the members of the Strike Force of Prayer and all who join us in spirit and truth to give You all the Glory and praise. Amen & Amen!

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